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Whats your fav CH memory..

Mika Cherry

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well it doesnt have to be a childhood memory just one that you like to remember.. me and my best friend were talking and remembered something fun we did together :teehee: ..


it was when we were in school and bored we found two brooms and we used them as horses it was so fun we ran all over the school laughing and we stopped in front of some students and they were like 'oh are yous cleaning can we have a broom'... we said 'what? what broom these are horses we are racing' (it was class time by the way so they wanted to get out of learning :naughty: ) and they just looked at us like :blink: and we smiled and started racing again!! :naughty:


and we also named them! my best friend named hers Daniel and i named mine Sue there is a reason but thats another story :wink2:

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