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I'd like to say 'Hello'

Cautionary Wife

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Hi Folks


Errr... a first mail - scary, as I don't know your culture yet, but seems like friendly territory.... so I probably can't go wrong saying 'Hello'.


So - glad to meet you all.


Well - like so many others, my first wake-up call to Mika was the Popbitch newsletter in my In Box. "Mika: lovechild of Mercury and Bolan"? I just had to see this and zipped off to mySpace only to find this incredible voice (of an angel???) coming out of my computer - just couldn't get off the Grace Kelly track and onto the others on there - totally compelling.


Amazing how the number of plays / hits accumulated on ther over that lunchtime - it's a wonder mySpace didn't implode on itself and then pals started mailing me the Popbitch piece. So it was rare excitement that day. Instantly the world was a much sunnier place.


Thanks Mika. We needed your freshness and light.




PS I came here on a banner link in Mikasounds Forum.

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