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Howdy, y'all!


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Hi! I am from USA (Texas). I heard Mika on Yahoo Music Videos UK&Ireland(the Extra Venue thingy). At first I didn't want to listen to any of his songs, but then I did and I was hooked! So different, so addictive, so GOOD! Then I searched for him on the internet which eventually lead me here! And to add to what I read from other posters-the site does seem so friendly! The welcome message I received when I first joined was like a nice, warm handshake and a big welcoming smile when entering a room full of strangers.

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hello and welcome!


yes it is very nice and friendly.... i too thought the private welcome message was a nice touch!


i was introduced to mika through some friends (although i heard him on the radio the night before and loved him -it was grace kelly) but my friends kept talking about him and now i too am here and totally loving him!


hope i see you around...


love steph x x

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