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Hi everybody :thumb_yello: I'm a newbie but couldn't resist joining when I found out Mika had made number one this evening :biggrin2:


A friend of mine presents a radio programme for a community station which is about to expand and relaunch under a new name - he really supports new music and he's the one who introduced me to Mika and his music.


The station is Birch Radio and my friend, Jonathan, presents a show on Monday evenings called The Bit Before Bedtime. BB4 (as it's called by the regulars :original: ) has a MySpace page at myspace.com/bb4bedtime :thumb_yello:


Keep your eyes peeled for my mad friend too - her name is Lisa and you can say hello - she's quite safe - I think :wink2:


As I said the station is about to go off air for a couple of weeks while they move premises but they will be back playing more Mika than ever :thumb_yello:

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Lelsey :naughty: :naughty:


Mad friend here:wink2:


As Lesley said we first heard Mika via Jonathan's show on Birch Radio:thumb_yello:


Mika was amazing when we seen him live in Bristol last year:punk: can't wait to see him live again next month in Birmingham:thumb_yello: (even if I do have to go home with Lelsey because I can't get a train back home to Bristol:thumbdown: )

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