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My review of life in cartoon motion.


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Having listened to the album ill give you my thoughts.

Im no pro just a 43 year old fan from NJ....and a huge Queen fan;)


Happy ending/over my shoulder

I nice mellow song.catchy but slow,i song that will grow on you over time.

happy ending ***/5

over my shoulder **1/2 /5


relax take it easy **/5

nice beat,nice vocals.however not really my style.


Love today ****/5

I love this track,hip,nice beat and very catchy.alot of background scream can be heard.nice!


lollipop ***1/2 /5

another track that grows on me evertime i listen.again great vocals,great beat.well done.


my interpretation *****/5

BRAVO! a great track...nothing more to say:)


grace kelly *****/5

BRAVO! we all know this one.


any other world *****/5

WOW one of my favorites.this is what it's all about.mellow yet powerful.


billy brown **** 1/2 /5

a fun track with a great story.i love this song.simple yet sweet!


big girl(you are beautiful) *****/5

a surprise hit for me,my favorit song so far.it's a toe tapper and a leg mover.

where is this butterfly lounge:thumb_yello:

maybe here-http://www.butterflylounge.com/


stuck in the middle ** 1/2 /5

this track has yet to grab me..

(edit)it's grabbing me more and more!***/5




all in all mika is a star in the making.I would have loved to hear a bit of lead guitar on the album.is it Mika(solo)or is there a band?....other then that this album is a flat out hit....


Love today


my interpretation


grace kelly


any other world


should all reach ###1 in my book.


billy brown and especially big girl(you are beautiful)should be heard as there great tracks.


my 13 year old loves the lollipop song....


A solid **** 1/2 / 5......

If America shuns this album Im moving!!!

Album of the year!

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I have been listening to the album for a couple of weeks now. I will be posting a full detailed review at Mikablog this week.


In general I agree with many of your reviews though.


PS: Stuck in the middle will continue to grow on you.:thumb_yello:

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