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Grace Kelly Video in The Times magazine

Mika Mad

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I have just found that in "The Knowledge" (the TV guide magazine that comes with The Times on Saturday) "The week's best music video" is Grace Kelly.


Now, I'm not sure that I should post this because some of it isn't very complimentary, but we all love Mika enough to take it, so here goes:


Spread throughout a selection of stills from the video is the following text:



First, well done Mika for being a gay pop star who has got to No 1 without any protracted ambiguity a la Freddie or George.

Not so well done for coming up with a video that screams "We're mad, we are! This amount of FUN should be illegal!"

Loads of wacky people (cute kids, cute models, not-so-cute tea ladies caked in make-up) leaping about having FUN!

Mika is queen bee, flicking his hips and puching the air. It's all a bit DFS-"Our leather suite saved our marriage!" GRIN "



I have 2 gripes about this article.

Firstly, the gay question, as it's been said so many times before, we don't know and we don't care.

Secondly, if they think the video is so naff then why have they made it "The week's best music video"?


Idiots with no taste I say...............

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Well if they had bothered to research the video instead of just making up random comments then they would of known that most of the people in the video are his friends and family! I think this is a good thing and shows just how down to earth the guy is!

A little warning to jurno's- don't diss Mika unless you are making valid points! (rant over!)

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I actually think the article is quite complimentary, even if they didn't mean it to be... I think the "we don't care what you think, we are having too much fun" attitude is exactly what the video is trying to portray...


I agree on the gay issue though - they must be psychic!


The video really rocks and it fits the song and Mika perfectly, in my opinion :punk:

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