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GMTV: Entertainment Today 02 Feb

Cautionary Wife

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by Cautionary Wife



2 February 2007

8.35-9.25am Entertainment Today

Jenni Falconer and Michael Underwood chat to Mika

- with a live performance by Mika and his band of Grace Kelly




JENNI FALCONER: Well before all that, it’s Mika time.


MIKA: No, looks good though.


JF: And congratulations, and for anyone that doesn’t know, Mika’s gone to number one, but you went to number one before your single was even released in the shops.


M: Yeah, I was very lucky.


JF: On downloads alone.


M: On downloads alone. I mean I was kind of fostered by the internet and the blogsphere, so, you know, it’s testament to the fact that the internet has a lot of influence nowadays.


JF: Fantastic.


MICHAEL UNDERWOOD: We know the Press has been going wild for you at the moment. I read in the papers this morning, is it true, have you let slip that you’re gonna be playing Glastonbury. Is this the case?


M: I let it slip – yeah, I kind of announced it WAY before I was supposed to, but, yeah, I’m not very used to, you know, keeping my mouth shut. (giggles)


JF: Okay, well, maybe you can also shed some light – are you also supporting Take That on their European tour?


M: I, you know, I’ve never heard anything about that.


JF: That would be a good one, I think.


M: I didn’t, I didn’t know anything about that.


MU: How do you feel about the whole thing – the whole media circus, ‘cos it’s just gone crazy. I mean from your point of view, what’s it like?


M: Well, it’s happened quite quickly. I think that’s the thing I’m having to get used to because it’s kind of accelerated very quickly. I don’t know. The whole thing feels very unreal, I have to be honest. I don’t even feel like Grace Kelly is, you know, what’s happening with Grace Kelly doesn’t even feel real to me.


JF: Well, what gets me is Grace Kelly is the only single that we’ve heard of your’s yet, yet your tour, which you’re doing later this month has sold out. You’ve actually even had to get bigger places to play because … they’ve only heard one single.


M: Well, no, a lot of people have heard more. Some people ‘cos they come and discover me through the internet and the way they found out about me ‘cos of reading about me, I was just kind of here immediately and got my songs, but we’re keeping the venues small. We’re not going too big because I think, you know, I disliked it in the past when I’ve bought tickets to a show and suddenly it was a different show to the one I wanted to go to, so we’re keeping it small and it should be fun - a kind of good carnival atmosphere.


JF: Well if anyone does go, they’re gonna hear your FULL selection of songs…


M: Yeah.


JF: But this morning, you’re performing the one that IS top of the charts at the moment – Grace Kelly.


M: Yes, I am.


JF: So, we’ll leave it to you to take it away.


MU: Take up positions.


M: Thank you.


JF: Here is Mika with Grace Kelly.


<Performs GRACE KELLY>


JF: Aw, that was fantastic and I must ask, did your trousers stay up?


M: Yes they stayed up. They keep on falling off.


JF: His trousers keep falling down, that’s because you don’t wear a belt. (laughing) Anyway, thank you very much.


M: Cheers.


JF: That’s Grace Kelly, which was released on Monday and Mika’s album ‘Life In Cartoon Motion’ is out on next week. Thank you so much for coming in.


M: No problem.






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