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  1. Ah ok so it wasn't about the quarantine itself but about the hair, thanks, I didn't get that part. I agree, I love his hair fluffy like that.
  2. He says that is in quarantine but wants to send her congratulations for her doctor's degree, and I think in the end he says that it'll be unforgettable. It's Pierpaolo's daughter, I suppose?
  3. This is heartbreaking. That you can't be with your loved ones in such a situation must be the absolute worst, I actually have tears in my eyes thinking of it. Joannie is a fighter, I hope so much that they'll all get through this crisis and can hug each other again full of joy when they finally meet again. After a day of successfully convincing myself that everything's OK and he's just taking a break, this morning I got worried again. I thought, at the last cooking show he said how these make him happy... and then suddenly he would stop?! I spent all day trying to push away the thought that it could only mean something must've happened. I'm not really happy about being able to trust my intuition in this case though, I rather wish it had been just me worrying too much because I'm a crazy stalker who can't be happy for a few days without hearing from her fave popstar. Anyway I'm so glad he told us. That he found the strength to write such a long post, even in 3 languages. He really didn't need to apologize though, also the way he thinks of others who are in a similar situation is unbelievable, he is so kindhearted... not that this is new to me, but even in such a situation when he's so worried about his family. ❤❤❤
  4. This is an article about Lewis Capaldi, apparently he wrote a song together with Mika, but it wasn't released. Lewis played it in an IG live earlier this week:
  5. If it's not him, at least I'm sure it's someone close to him who knows how Mika is feeling and by this post, pretending it's by Mika himself, assures fans that they don't have to worry.
  6. Just to clear that up, it wasn't just one person who started it. Several fans sent hearts to Mika, and then someone posted about it on some FB groups, I suppose that's who you mean - it might not have become that big without this, but, at least to me, it wasn't like "please, everyone do this to support Mika", I might not even have taken part if I had seen this before. To me it seemed to happen naturally, just fans sending him love, and I think it's a nice gesture - and has indeed nothing to do with age, neither with overreacting teens nor with motherly instincts by older women. Maybe I just follow the nice people, but I found the general atmosphere on social networks towards Mika very positive and supportive recently. Of course there's always exceptions and yes, I guess now that people are stressed with their own situation, maybe they can't all be that positive. Anyway, as I said, the worrying thing - at least for me - isn't his absence from social media as such, but that he cancelled that TV show without any notice.
  7. I looked it up, it was in Napoli. Here's the video: On Youtube I do find things, but on Instagram and Twitter it's impossible if the event was a while ago and I didn't put a link to it anywhere (this one's also on the MFC reports thread, otherwise I wouldn't have found it).
  8. For second hand embarrassment I recommend you to watch some videos of Mika singing Big Girl in the crowd on the Revelation tour - he'd probably have been glad in that case if people had 'just' touched his hair. The worst one was one of the gigs in Southern Italy, can't remember which, but someone was actually grabbing his throat from behind. Anyway, sorry, I can't help you with your requests. Don't remember the hair touching video, and for the Fokkers hoodie - I suppose @sariflor has photos of it, but she doesn't come here often these days.
  9. No. I suppose most fans wouldn't have been worried if he hadn't spontaneously cancelled that TV show on Sunday. This combination is unusual, from what I remember we always got a reason when he cancelled something. Might not always have been the truth, but at least something. At least saying "sorry, it's cancelled". But not nothing.
  10. I don't believe it's a technical problem, because him or the TV people just could've told us. But maybe he just wants to take a break from media in general, with all the bad news everywhere. I watched some of the Domenica In show, I think it was an interview with someone in Bergamo, and even though I didn't bother to try and understand something of what they said, just the pictures and the tone of people's voice were enough to make me feel sad and worried. Stories on news websites and especially media like Twitter don't really help to make anyone feel better, there's too much negative and sad stuff on there. Might help to avoid all of that for a while. Let's hope that's all it is and after a few days' break he'll be back with another cooking show.
  11. That one wasn't live but a replay from September. You can find it here:
  12. Many on Twitter are worried about him, apparently he was even trending in Italy?! Well, I don't think it was due to connection problems, they could've just said that. My personal opinion, at least the one that makes me worry the least, is that he might not have felt stable enough to talk with this TV presenter. She has a way to get people really emotional, and while in normal times that's surely something good, these days people are already emotional enough and this might just be too much. It might help him to have a private conversation with her, but live and in public, not sure about that. I guess we all have days now where we feel down and our usual distractions don't work, due to being locked in. Maybe he just had a day like this today. I just hope if it's that, he'll feel better soon and please us with another episode of Cooking with Mika on Thursday. And well, if he doesn't, I'll be worried too.