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  1. Oh, I didn't know about the option to change the name, thanks!
  2. Cool! Indeed, there's lots of tickets left for Sunday, even in row B! And for those who need more than one ticket, maybe you can manage to buy tickets that are behind each other. For Saturday there's only a handful of places left. This is Sunday (of course I've released the ticket again, just put it in the cart to see which are available):
  3. This. Photo. And I love and agree with every single word he says in that Vanity Fair article, it's awesome how that one word "empathy" sums up so much of what he said over the last year, and what he brought across with his Revelation Tour, especially the 2020 part of it. What he says about some places showing less respect for different points of view than others is interesting in connection with him concentrating his promo on Instagram now. Ok maybe he just doesn't have time for more than one platform, but Twitter can be such a toxic place, it wouldn't surprise me if it fell under that category of the "other places" for him.
  4. It'd be awesome if we got to hear that song at the concert! I won't hold my breath, but dreaming is nice.
  5. Again Instagram showed the first story only quite some time after the second one, here's the "prequel": So good to see Mel! And Mika, of course. (and Peter's there too ) 102227765_132811345626677_5057425294146077782_n.mp4
  6. Mika likes: What's the latter about? Some sort of art photography exhibition, apparently, but I don't understand what the guy in the video says about the photos.
  7. The draw of the winners is today! At least if they keep to their plan, as stated in the FB post. Good luck to all MFCers who took part! Fingers crossed that some of us can go.
  8. That was just an "air kiss" as a thank you. In fact I had forgotten about it, tbh. In Barcelona I had the feeling that he really meant me - this one was more like "thanks for helping to organize the gift" (those who had done the most organizing weren't there), so although I won't complain, it didn't feel very personal. Anyway it was his 30th birthday, he had a little party with his band & friends already before that, so I don't think he was exactly sober... but yes, probably not as drunk as in Barcelona. We're still OT tho. So any idea when the XF filmings will start? I think last year it wasn't too long after the pre-party, maybe a week or two, something like that?
  9. So, as Mika says his playlist is to get to know him a little better, and that he tells about part of who he is through other people's music, what are your thoughts on what we learn about Mika with his playlist? 1. We're Going to Be Friends - The White Stripes 2. The Divine Chord - The Avalanches, MGMT, Johnny Marr 3. Piel Canela - Eydie Gormé, Los Panchos 4. Lost - Frank Ocean 5. Tayf (Ghost) - Mashrou' Leila 6. People, I've been sad - Christine and the Queens 7. Tongue - MNEK 8. Heavy Cross - Gossip 9. I Love You - Woodkid 10. Save Your Tears - The Weeknd 11. Get It Right - Yasmine Hamdan 12. Real Groove - Kylie Minogue 13. Fantastic Man - William Onyeabor 14. Everyday - Buddy Holly 15. Bein' Green - Andrew Bird 16. Bike Dream - Rostam 17. Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat 18. One - Harry Nilsson 19. Remember Where You Are - Jessie Ware 20. Little Boxes - Malvina Reynolds 21. Close To Me - Closer Mix - The Cure, Paul Oakenfold 22. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free - Nina Simone So my thoughts on his song choices: 1. I wondered about this at first, but with his approach on making a playlist to describe an imaginary date, I see the point. Curiosity, hope, confidence when you meet someone new, but I also see a tiny bit of doubt in the lyrics, in the bit "Teacher thinks that I sound funny but she likes the way you sing". To me, this bit puts a question mark behind the confidence of the rest of the song. 2. Hope and doubts continued, but definitely darker than the first song. The lyrics give me a bit the vibe of the original demo version of Overrated. About how you see each other through rose tinted glasses at the beginning of a relationship, hoping this state will last but knowing it won't. 3. No doubts anymore, but a big crush on the other person. "Only you". 4. I'd interpret it as wondering whether his date can deal with his jetset lifestyle. I had to look up the meaning of the song because I didn't understand it just from reading the lyrics. It's about a drug supplier who uses his girlfriend as a drug dealer, and although somehow he wants her to lead a regular life, they both don't really want to quit because they enjoy all the traveling and money that comes with it. So besides what I said in the first sentence, maybe to Mika the song also refers to the negative sides of fame and touring, especially for a relationship, but it's too important to him to quit and maybe he also feels a little guilty about pulling his partner into this. (Actually Mika has said something along those lines in an interview at some point, that's where my interpretation comes from.) 5. I think that refers to his Lebanese side. The situation of LGBTQIA+ people in Lebanon in particular, and the country's situation in general. 6. I think this might refer to what the bad experiences of his adolescence did to him. In the song I see depressions, suffering from bullying, looking for support. I think for Mika it might have a similar meaning as Over my Shoulder. 7. Another artist's version of "Ready to call this love". Feeling love but being scared to say it: "No, I don't wanna say it, I don't know how you'll take it. So I'mma try not to say it, 'Cause when I've said it in the past, Each time it didn't last." 8. To me the song says "I need you because without you I feel lonely and you help me to face the everyday challenges.". According to Wikipedia, Beth Ditto said the song is "about recreation and my friends, who I feel like are the ultimate creative re-creators". So I'm not sure if the song is in the playlist mostly because Mika likes it, and likes The Gossip, or mostly to say to his imaginary date "I need you", or maybe it refers to the friends in his life. Or all three... in my playlist there's also several songs that have multiple meanings to me. 9. Date doesn't seem to be going well at that point, one of them only cares about themselves and the other one asks what they can do to be seen, to get attention. Not 100% sure which part Mika takes in this, but as it's written from the point of view of the person who asks to be seen, I suppose it's that. Relating to some things I've written here on the forum around January 2020 about Meet&Greets, I could imagine it's also something that often happens to him with his fans. We are all saying "Hey, please entertain us, we need you! We want this! We want that!", but we often don't think about what he might need from us. That he might be tired after a show and not feel like signing 100 autographs, for example. 10. This goes a bit in the direction of "J'ai pas envie", just without the humour. The protagonist of the song sings about hurting their partner because they've been hurt themselves, about running away and not knowing why, about wanting to stay, about hoping their partner would ask why instead of pretending they didn't care. This song shows a lot of vulnerability to me, not by the one who got heartbroken but by the one breaking their partner's heart. I suppose when Mika sometimes says in interviews that he can be an a**hole, that might be what he refers to. 11. That's the only song I really don't understand. I'll continue with the rest another time, but also would love to hear everyone else's interpretations.
  10. It's nothing new, basically just the story of Mika's career but with a headline and one paragraph referring to Andy, probably to get people's attention.
  11. Yes, after waiting for him for hours after the Barcelona gig 2015. But on stage he took your hands to hug him and he (probably) wasn't drunk yet at that point, lol! Drunk or not, he just knows how to make us happy. And to get back on topic, it's nice that they've been sharing so many pix from the party, so we can feel like we were there virtually.
  12. Yeah well drunk Mika is quite generous in that regard, even I got a kiss on the cheek from him once (left and right to say hello, but not just an air kiss... ) - at 4am when he was drunk and overtired. I didn't mind at all , but I'm aware that he wouldn't have done it if he hadn't been drunk, so yeah, thanks to the Spanish wine, lol! I had similar thoughts to yours at the pic with elyy_guerra... he definitely never looked that happy on a pic with me, lol! - anyway I love that photo, usually he only looks that happy when he's on stage. I'm glad he's doing well. What a difference to last year's photos of the XF pre-party.
  13. We finally have a time for the concert! 2pm ET on the 24th. If I'm not mistaken, that's 8pm CET? Perfect! Indeedworks got it in their Insta stories. And they're including a charity, the Born this way foundation: More info: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/career-development/soundtrack-of-empathy?utm_campaign=careerguideUS&utm_content=Branded+Photo,indeed_US,jobseeker,objective:+traffic,PrideAwarenessMonth&utm_medium=organicsocial&utm_source=instagram on that website it also says: In addition, MIKA will lead LGBTQIA+ artists in a virtual roundtable discussion about their career journeys and how music can inspire empathy and create community within the workplace and beyond. Stay tuned for three installments on our IGTV channel. Sounds like we'll get lots of new Mika content over the next week!
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