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  1. I'll be staying away from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter today. Isn't that what this action is about? I only heard about it thanks to Mika and read a bit through the #BlackoutTuesday hashtag posts.
  2. I've moved your offer to the "Selling Mika items" thread: But I guess you can also put domain names on ebay? Or ask Mika's US record label if they can use the one. This thread is locked now and I'll delete it in a few days, please keep discussions about selling items on the respective thread.
  3. I think Mika did mention at some point that they were distantly related. But I don't remember where he said that.
  4. Thanks @Kumazzz ! In the 2nd one (interview) they used the same photo, but it's an interview from March 2010 (see date in the article), at the time of the Imaginarium Tour gig at Berlin Huxley's.
  5. The Cap Roig Website is not working properly anymore for me - the English version just shows a weirdly assymetric loading circle and I can't access the original ticket page either. Might be a sign for cancellation, but I'd prefer if they'd just announce this, instead of taking down (parts of) the website without any comment. Well maybe it's just a technical issue, but it has been like that since yesterday night for me.
  6. Yeeesss, he's looking SO good! And his eyes are sparkling full of happiness, that's sooo good to see!
  7. Today I decided to record a video for a change, instead of just audio. I'm really a bit out of practise, no choir rehearsals since March and not much time to sing for myself, but I'm glad I found the time today to sing and record a bit. This is my version of Stardust: 20200522_123343.mp4
  8. Ah sorry, I thought it was in July.
  9. Mika has become rather quiet, I think he doesn't feel like announcing cancellations. I'm sure it's even worse for him than for us, it makes me sad to imagine how he must feel to find all his plans for this year running through his fingers. Not even talking about money. I keep looking on ticketone - once it's officially cancelled or postponed, I think the info will be there. So far they're still selling tickets. But the article says that Italian government forbids outside events over 1000 people until July 31, so I think at least they should stop selling tickets for Taormina and Sardignia?
  10. You're right about the silently sitting down vs dancing and loudly singing. But it's not nearly sold out, look at the seating map on the website. And it seems they want to fill all the tribunes, the whole circle, while the tickets for Mika are only a half circle - I bet the opera shows are sold out as well, so I'm sure they've considered the space issues. And it wouldn't be the first time Mika performs on a stage in the center of an arena. There's a lot of other issues of course, like his band and crew having to get there from abroad, people not staying in their seats, as you say, and much more. So I agree it's not likely. But it seems to be more likely than before, when I was 99% sure it'd be cancelled. Now I'm only about 90% sure.
  11. There's new info on the Arena's website - tho I think it's only about the opera events, but it says August, so maybe they also plan to do the Mika gig like that - the stage in the center of the arena and the audience on the tribunes, so there's enough distance: ... Let's see if a) they plan that also for the pop concerts, b) if Mika agrees to this and c) if yes, how they'll distribute the tickets already bought.
  12. Many thanks @Anna Ko Kolkowska ! I love the interview, especially the parts about his concerts and Mika/Michael. I wonder why he says he doesn't know why he rejected his father's name to become Mika, I thought he had said before that it was because singing and performing gave him back a sense of value, after his whole life crashed when his father was caught in Kuwait, they lost everything, moved, he got bullied, his father wasn't the same anymore when he returned... or was it just me who made this connection? There were so many interviews, I can't remember all the details. But maybe this story just was too long, deep and complicated for a 10 minute radio interview. He does quickly mention that his Dad was away often and his Mum trained him, so maybe that's to sum it up without telling the whole story - his fans know it anyway. Aww. I really hope he can keep / intensify this feeling of "I don't care what other people think" that he seems to have now, as he says at the end of the interview - I love it that he's such a sweet and caring and sensitive guy, but it seems he still can't free himself of always trying to please everyone. And he's right, it's funny, because on stage he doesn't try but he manages exactly that. And yeah, I guess that is the connection to the music and singing, as he says. So far I thought the "singing reveals more about a person than if they take off their underwear" was just part of his show, to connect with people, a fun element he added - personally, I can't see (yet) what he means with this. Singing can make you feel free and open and in touch with yourself, and you need courage to sing in front of others, that's for sure - but idk, I see and hear the others in my choir sing every week (not now, but usually), but I didn't find that very revealing so far. What I find interesting is that he said in the last live that he started writing again, but here he says that he still doesn't have a piano, he doesn't want to sing now - so I suppose what he meant in the live wasn't writing songs. Maybe lyrics. Or maybe his book (if he ever wants to finish that, I guess now's a good time ). Or just a shopping list. Tho he also said in the Greek interview that the lockdown helps him a lot for his creativity. He kind of avoided answering the question here about learning Arabic and Philosophy, so maybe he's given that up already. Or he changes his mind daily, sometimes feeling really motivated and sometimes just reading and listening to music all day. I could totally relate to that, I'm very moody these days.
  13. Ok I think I got what it is, thanks to @dcdeb who told me about this possibility - there's an album/playlist from 2011 on Spotify by Universal Music, called "Karaoke Official: Originals (Volume 1)", with the picture from the video as a cover, and this version of Love Today is on it, along with 9 instrumentals by other artists. So I really do think it's by his record label. The bad news about it is that this means there won't be more (unless there's a Volume 2 with another Mika song...). Here's the Spotify link:
  14. Did you see an ad in the video? I didn't. @Mikasister there's more than one Mika instrumental online, but what I mean is that this Love Today video doesn't seem to be connected to any certain Karaoke account.
  15. You think so? But why would that be, it sounds like the original Love Today instrumental, I can't see any "Karaoke Official" account on Youtube that would try to get followers, or any other commercial interests - so I thought it was just Mika's record label offering the instrumental versions. But maybe you're right, it's a bit random, with this logo and why this song instead of one of the newer ones?