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  1. May I kindly ask you to return to English on this thread? You can chat in Dutch here: Thank you.
  2. The video is from Mika's IG story, this Mika clothes account isn't an official one, of course.
  3. Yeah, maybe that's the one I meant by his stylist... I can't remember her face though, but there was this video or photo of Mika and her in a plane or helicopter a while ago... is that her?
  4. Does anyone know who these ladies are? I always forget the name of Mika's stylist, is she one of them? Or are they from a magazine and which one? The first name sounds French, the 2nd Italian...
  5. Summary, anyone? Or was that article from the radio website already the most interesting bits he said there?
  6. FYI, I just noticed a problem with the translation function in the Chrome Browser - so far it worked fine and just asked me whether it should translate a website, but now it seems to automatically translate - which results in weird sentences, if it recognizes for example French on a page and then also "translates" all the English comments into worse English. Just wanted to mention it, if anyone has the same problem - it's not MFC but Google Translate.
  7. True. Although I must admit that we do not always have these 2 threads, for example if no MFCers were at the event, sometimes it's just the "Before the show" thread, and Media coverage of the event is posted there. So @Anna Ko Kolkowska you're right that it's a bit confusing. We used to have just one sub-forum for all the gig threads, but changed it at some point, when there was a lot of pre-show chatter and many reports for every gig. These days it has become quieter - but for gigs like London it still makes sense, the pre-show thread has already 7 pages. Maybe we have to think about a different solution, for example just move and rename the pre-show thread, if it has less than one page at the time of the gig. I'll talk about it with the other Mods.
  8. Well maybe some will find their way back here with those shows. Good luck for taking your daughter. It's really different for every venue. My daughter's only 2, she won't sit still and start crying when she gets tired, so I'm not even thinking about taking her - but I'll take my 5yo son to Paris and Luxemburg, he's always curious and happy about new experiences, so I think he'll enjoy it.
  9. Yeah, sorry we didn't have time yet to open threads about the NA shows, or add them to the calendar... there'll be a RSVP list on the calendar event once we set it up, I'll add a link to it to your post then. Would love to see you again, but I'll have to pass - maybe next time, I'm still planning to visit California again some day.
  10. There is another story before it, he says he's reading messages of those who buy presale tickets and it makes him happy.
  11. At least he gave us enough time to save our money for that tour. I don't think it makes much sense to compare ticket prices - if we enjoy ourselves, it'll be worth it, whether it's 45 or 80€.