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  1. I won't take part, as I don't like this competition / judges idea, but I'll be watching if I can.
  2. The ticketone website at least mentions the new law now: - although they don't say what it means, but just that the promoters are working on implementing the new legislation. As the form is for "refunds" now and not specifically for "vouchers", and the deadline expires this week anyway, I sent it off now ( @jajinka5 yours as well) . It's a bit weird tho, you just get a standard notification screen (the one that has been posted above) and no e-mail notification that the request has been received. So in fact you have no proof that you sent the refund request in time. 🙄 I took screenshots of the filled-out forms, but not sure that would help if they claim they haven't received the request.
  3. You know more than me, lol! I didn't know his make up artist, only Giulio and Geraldine.
  4. New stories (they're singing Kokomo ) & post by Xfactoritalia:
  5. IG Story by alecattelan: alecattelan_116634356_4283981478309117_3402345500170231064_n.mp4 No idea what that is about, but looks like they're having fun.
  6. Mika's profile pic on IG is gone, I had already been wondering when he'd change it, as sadly the Revelation tour is over for now. I hope he'll use the one with the Valentino shirt as his new profile pic...
  7. I don't think that's what he meant... then again, I thought Sound of an Orchestra was totally innocent, until I heard Ice Cream... 🙈 They're definitely not tiny anymore but maybe still don't meet his own expectations. I suppose what @holdingyourdrink said about the mix of showing off and mocking might be true.
  8. Manuelito hell_raton reposted Mika's video in his story, writing it's not credible and the video is from when he left. No idea if he is joking or Mika is. Ale Cattelan wrote "I'm nearly there", although he's obviously still half asleep. Looks like it could be an entertaining day. 🍿
  9. Mika is posting stories again. He's the first at the Xfactor set and is very proud of that. I don't understand tho what the producer says? Something about 9:30 and soundcheck?
  10. I wonder why he posted the shrimps... did he mean these 💪 and mixed them up because they look a little similar?! Well probably not, I bet he triple checks every story and post before publishing it. Or is the shrimps emoticon some sort of code for something else? First the pic from the gym, then this one... He's definitely trying to kill us today.
  11. New story: So after we noticed the last time that he didn't look sweaty at all, at least now there's a little bit of sweat on his shirt.
  12. Mika posted a story of him cuddling his dog (Mel? I never can tell them apart ), he's lying in bed and you can just see his hand, but that small clip is just so sweet!
  13. IG story: any idea what that is about? Ah, and a new post, too.