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  1. mellody

    Tour rumours 2019

    I just hope that at least some of the "small venues" he talked about in his Christmas message will be in Europe... I don't think I can travel to the U.S. or Asia for gigs - unless I take my kids with me, and then I'd need a babysitter! Of course I also hope for the U.S. and Asian fans that he'll tour there as well, and I'm sure in the U.S. it'd be small venues... but I'd hate to miss another acoustic tour like the one in 2013, I'm still sad about not having been able to go to any of these gigs.
  2. I have a conductor in mind for the clarinet / hand part, and stomping feet for the timpany. I know Mika is the king of innuendos, but this connection you make is too explicit, in my opinion, it goes too much into detail to be on purpose, if you know what I mean. Of course I can't be 100% sure, but well... in case you're right, we'll never know anyway, as I guess he won't talk about that in an interview.
  3. I love it. It's not my fave Mika song, at least not yet (My now fave Love Today was one of my least faves on LICM at first... ). But the sound of it is surprising, the registers of his voice he uses, the combination of orchestra sound, pop and a somewhat electronic sound in "it's getting louder" - but that's also my least favourite part of the song. It feels like a tiny bit is missing, like it builds up and then you think "but when's the part where it gets *really* interesting?" You know, like the "walk out the door!" in GK. Hard to describe. Not every song has that little extra, but in most I don't miss it - in this one, I do. Probably because it's interesting enough to make me expect something like that. Anyway, SOAO is catchy, I enjoy listening to it, and I'd love to hear it live - though I suppose I won't, as it's pretty hard to sing with all those registers, he might not be keen on trying that live.
  4. mellody

    Tour rumours 2019

    Let's hope there'll be some action in this thread soon!
  5. Lovely to see his whole family, and Andy.
  6. I love this song. I know it from the TV-Series "Smallville" (about the Teenage Years of Superman), which I used to watch regularly, and rediscovered it online years later, because sometimes it still kept playing in my head, so I googled it to find out the title & band. I couldn't listen today, so thanks everyone for the song list, will listen to the replay. I don't like the list as much as the last one, with a few exceptions... and I think it's several songs he has played before in this show... well, I'll listen to his comments first before giving my thoughts about that.
  7. Probably just playing with some (new or newly discovered?) functions of his phone. ... although that might have been combined with your suggestions.
  8. I had the original version on a cassette when I was about 10 or 12, always liked it... but a few years later in my boygroup fan times, I preferred the Version by Worlds Apart.
  9. Those lyrics sound like a detailed version of the lines Don't know why but all your wordsSound just like a melodyFrom the pieces that I've heardI could build a symphony
  10. You can hear bits of the song in the background of this trailer (posted by Mika Italia on FB): ... I guess from the title I was hoping for something more orchestral and less pop, but who knows, it's only a small snippet.
  11. He probably posted that because people were wondering if he was wearing pyjamas in the other video... I suppose THIS is his pyjamas. I kinda like his out of bed looks...
  12. There's not much online about this Songwriter's Society, this is the most recent (2013) and most reliable source of information I found about it: ... seems to be a very exclusive club.
  13. I don't know if there are 2 sessions that day, but usually the tickets you can win here are for the evening sessions.
  14. It'd make a nice Christmas single for sure! 😊