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  1. mellody

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    The sign-in links for the first 2 dates are now online on translation via Google: This is a new season for The Voice. The blind auditions will be on November 12, 13, 14, 19 and 20. Registrations will be done as and when. We start with 12 and 13! Sign up only if you are sure to come. No need to register on all dates. Children under 12 years old are advised against the late hour of the end. No need to tire them there is school the next day;)
  2. Thanks @Loo for the article and translation. I understood what he was talking about in general, but the article gives some more details that I didn't understand.
  3. Germany isn't listed either (or I don't know the abbreviation 🙈) , but I do get messages after adding his account. It's an automated message when I write something. Somehow reminds me of that creepy talking doll in the book "Momo", always saying the same. I don't know though if I'll get any news or competitions... maybe these are available only in the listed countries?
  4. Ok, I've installed the Line app now. I'm not happy with that, having to participate in Mika's advertising stuff to get goodies, but well. 🙄 It took me a while to find Mika's account, I first had to choose UK instead of Germany as a country, then it showed under official accounts / artists. Now let's see if I can figure out how that app works. atm it's still pretty confusing.
  5. mellody

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    In Germany (and apparently also Austria) there's a chance to win: If you buy a Mika pen at certain stores you'll get a code with it, which you can enter online. I bought 6 pens at McPaper, 5 of the codes just brought up some silly pictures when I entered them, but one was a winner. I won this small Mika pen box and a few more Pilot pens. Other than that, you can win vouchers for Spotify, and some other non-Mika-related stuff. Sadly they don't seem to have competitions for the Ltd Edition boxes in Germany, at least I haven't seen any so far.
  6. mellody

    What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    Why would someone do such a thing? I really hope it's not true, but if anyone gets weird PN's here on MFC, please report them to the Mod Team, so we can look into it.
  7. Remember those times when he completely disappeared for months, without a single Tweet or anything? I certainly prefer the short videos, after all it's his private time now, he's not on tour or doing anything official. We know he already has the tour dates for next year, and we know he has to release the album in time before the tour, so I'm not worried about his activities. August is usually his holiday month, and it's way too hot to work anyway.
  8. Closing this thread, as it had been posted already in the "Before the Show" section (moved to "News & Press" now):
  9. As Mika won't be there, I've changed the title and moved the thread to the News section.
  10. Damn, I missed him, only saw the last 2 minutes, when he had just finished singing with Chiara. So he sang GK, Beautiful Disaster and Stardust? Anything else? I hope there'll be a recording. Thanks Eriko for the links, photos and videos!
  11. I agree that he should do some (touring) exercise to have enough breath for singing... but WOW, Underwater with a whole stadium full of lights, it indeed looked like a sky full of stars.
  12. Thanks for the updates. Is it just one stage for all the artists, or do they have different stages for the different categories (Rap/Big/Fenomeni)? Is there a video online somewhere of one of the previous shows, to see what it looks like, how big the stage is, how long the artists sing, if there are interviews, etc.?
  13. mellody

    Tour rumours 2018

    The Nutella gig? I wasn't there but watched it live online. That was a (nearly) full setlist though, iirc. Often he does a full gig at a festival if he's the headliner, that's why I was wondering... But if it's just 2-3 songs per artist at this concert, without a headliner, then I suppose Mika won't be an exception.
  14. mellody

    Tour rumours 2018

    So what about this gig in Milan that he announced on Twitter and Facebook? Does anyone know if it's a full Mika gig or just a few songs? "Free entry, first come first serve" sounds nerve-wrecking tho, and like a loooooong queueing day.
  15. Well, I don't mind 80.000 ppl around me, if I'm close to the stage... - but there doesn't seem to be a chance for that. If I need binoculars to see Mika, that's not the kind of gig I want to spend a lot of money on.