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  1. Little get together of the judges after the live show (originally from Emma's stories): I wonder what the mask rules are for them - maybe they can put them off in their own dressing room, and ofc for the show? Because I think that's Mika's dressing room and he's not wearing a mask - while in the video from before the show he was in Emma's room and there she wasn't wearing one but he was. And if I understood it correctly, XF wrote on Twitter yesterday that everyone (including the audience) gets tested. But in another video I saw how close everyone was standing together (crew and talen
  2. Thank you. I didn't see it posted anywhere that he'd be on this radio show today, so I totally missed it. I don't understand much of what he's saying, just that he's telling all spoilers and that his team is eclectic pop.
  3. Ah well... if his fans did the same, I bet he wouldn't call them "geniale". Btw I like the carpet in his room.
  4. I was expecting another XF story and nearly burnt my lunch when I saw this.
  5. I think you're right, but I'm just completely different in that regard. I'm someone who's very direct and straightforward. Of course that doesn't mean that I have a fixed opinion on everything. I tell my opinion clearly, but also am open to discussion - even if for some points I'll refuse to change my mind, like about the question whether Covid is dangerous or whether Trump should lose the election. But I like it if people get into a discussion with me even about such things, because even if you have a predefined opinion, you should still be able to talk with others who don't share the same op
  6. Looks different to me, but obviously I'm not good at recognizing certain places in pics, as I also didn't recognize his Athens flat... 😅
  7. Apparently there was a press conference for XF today. Here's some info: https://www.instagram.com/p/CG2fHgGDk5a/?igshid=1sj6fwzghcco7 Also the same guy has posted a story with this picture: And paolainwonderland posted a little video, can't download it now but here's a screenshot of Mika: I wonder where he is, the tiles look like in his kitchen but it's much smaller - and it looks like he's freezing, is that burning wood in the background meant to be the heating?!
  8. The XF judges as comic ducks on the cover of Topolino: I don't like their version of Mika this time, the 2017 one was much better. They even forgot the eyebrows.
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