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  1. I love his fluffy hair, but indeed at gigs it can be annoying because you can't see his eyes and where he's looking. Smart of him, that way he can watch the audience without them noticing. I certainly didn't complain at all tho when he had his hair like this - in fact that photo Alba posted was taken by me, and when Mika had his hair cut a week later, I went on for weeks about how much I had loved the long curls at the beginning of the tour. Anyway, as you say, the combed back hair reveals more of his beautiful face - and in fact I'm just happy about any photo he posts, whether with
  2. I love the part where they all have to do something on the catwalk, that's so funny! And it finally explains Jacob's pose, he had to impersonate the Little Mermaid! There was one moment that I'm wondering about, after the one girl did the belly dancing and went really wild and they all were laughing and having fun, Mika got really serious and said something to them that I can't understand - what did he say there?
  3. Thank you. I managed to watch it now, it really is a very interesting interview! (And I noticed it's not just the Canadian French I don't understand, it apparently is anyone speaking French, apart from Mika, he just speaks so clearly that I think I understand French when in fact I just understand him, lol! )
  4. The @Subtitling Team also translated Casa Mika, so why not. Tho I think there's still several interviews from the last few weeks that keep them busy... but maybe you want to help them? Thanks for the bits you translated! I love what he said about how being weird makes you feel bad in real life but on stage it's essential, there your weirdness becomes your strength.
  5. I only managed to watch the first 30 minutes tonight and I don't understand everything he says, but I LOVE it how his eyes are sparkling all the time when he talks about what these songs and being on stage mean to him.
  6. That must be part of the interviews that I haven't heard. But it was only over the last ca. 1,5 years that I started following his French and Italian interviews / activities, before that I only read the written interviews if a translation was posted on MFC. Opens a whole new universe.
  7. I can't watch it now, but you make me curious. From what I heard, he doesn't have the homes in Milan and London anymore. I never heard that he owned a place in Paris, I only know part of his family lives there - tho I'm never sure which of their homes are rented or bought. Athens, for example - it seems Mika and Andy have 2 flats there now in the same house, but no idea if they're rented or bought. Same for Tuscany, I heard the house belongs to him, it belongs to his sister, or it's rented - no idea which is true. Sometimes there are ways to find out such things online, a
  8. Hmm, in the English version it's "home" both times, but I just read the French version, it's "chez moi" for Miami and "a la maison" at the end. Maison means house, dunno if it can also mean home, as in feeling at home somewhere? So maybe it just means he misses that house? And maybe also the area - if I was him, after the Canadian temperatures I'd also like to hang out under palm trees in Miami for a few days.
  9. Btw, it's interesting that he calls the US "home". I suppose maybe because he has an US passport and he designed the Miami house interior together with his family. He invested a lot in this house, maybe that's why it's very dear to his heart. Because usually he says he's at home everywhere, so far I didn't have the impression that he preferred one of his houses over the other. Or maybe he just needs them all to feel at home, and he didn't have much time in Miami since over a year at least, maybe even 2? So maybe it just means that now he needs a bit of this home before going back to another on
  10. Ah, fab to hear what he's up to! Tho I think the writing rather refers to the future months than the past (or both), it says they ARE intense months of writing, not they have been, I think?
  11. That would explain it, at least. The colours look a bit unhealthy tho in that context... My thought was that it has to do with the gay bars he went to as a teenager, and he mentioned several times that drugs were usual there. With that, also the slightly electronic version of the song makes sense, Mika said in the secret song show that they played electronic music at these clubs. Indeed I had never thought of interpreting the lyrics of that Elvis song specifically about gay love, but listening to the lyrics, it makes sense, it even gives it a lot more meaning that way. With
  12. Ah, I didn't think of the travel restrictions, I didn't know they still were that strict. In Europe it's all for keeping borders open, and although there are some countries that are defined as virus variant areas, from which travel is prohibited, from most countries you can just travel here (at least to Germany, not sure if it's the same for all of Europe), if you keep to testing and quarantine regulations.
  13. Nice of him to answer my question so quickly. We still don't know what he's up to, but it's nice to know where he is... I'd say it looks like he might stay in the US at least for a few days - if he wanted to go back to Europe quickly, he could just have taken a plane from Montreal. Maybe he'll even meet up with Andy and the girls in Miami, who knows.
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