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  1. You can move within the standing area (floor downstairs).
  2. Yeah, his answer to the question what he remembers of the fall of the Berlin wall is obvious, he could as well have said "nothing" - he was 6, not 16, in 1989. I guess a 6 year old is interested in other things. Also his comments about Salvini and Johnson made me laugh. I love it how he can express his dislike for them with so much humour. And he finally talks about Platform Ballerinas! Inspired by Geri Halliwell and Yasmine. Um, ok. He also says he wants to be called Michael. When he had said the opposite elsewhere. Maybe it depends on his current mood. Or it indicates that he doesn't like this journalist. There's something messed up around questions 63-66, the talk about his dogs and their names... and then I think he says "I hope not" to the question "have you been betrayed?".
  3. @giraffeandy Naja, müde geht meistens noch, man ist dann ja noch so auf Mika-High, dass man das schon trotzdem irgendwie hinkriegt. Nur wenn du krank wirst (wie ich nach London 🙈) wirds schwierig... Kannst du im Bus normalerweise schlafen? Ich ja leider gar nicht, Bus, Auto, Flieger, Zug ist egal... da muss ich vorher schon ne Nacht durchgemacht haben, damit das halbwegs klappt. Ich werd für Padova ein Experiment starten, hab zum ersten Mal ein Schlafabteil-Bett im Nachtzug gebucht - da bin ich gespannt ob das gemütlich genug ist, dass das Schlafen im Zug mal klappt.
  4. @Elvaraaa I still have these, so if you find someone to go with, who also doesn't have a ticket, they're still available.
  5. He never said what Rio is about, but in my interpretation it's about when he left his partner and ran off to Montréal, back in, dunno, 2010 or 2011? When he wrote his 3rd album. That's why I don't see a direct connection to MNIMH. Except that I think "Tomorrow" is about when they got back together after this break. In general, I think he sort of wants to reinvent himself for every album, so maybe he was looking for an "alter ego" every time he started writing an album, who knows? That's all just interpretations though. What we do know for sure about his alter egos is that he writes songs for other artists under different names, one of them is "Alice"... see the entry "Alice" in the Mika Encyclopedia:
  6. And she also made the playlist. Thanks also to Marion and Nina, who also helped with setting up the decoration. And thanks to everyone who came to the party and made it as much fun as it was!
  7. Now, any thoughts of what the huge Gorilla with the tag "Tiny" is supposed to mean? At the end of the show, there was a huge inflatable heart:
  8. Instagram user virginiiez has also posted live videos, one of them Paloma. I already love this show! I don't like the protruding stage much, as that means wherever you are, at least half of the show you're not "in the front" but only see him from further away. Also you might have lights in your view, or just see his legs when he's at the piano, and the barriers are quite far away from the stage, too... But the show itself and the stage set, the "flying" piano, the 'sun', the rainbow... it just looks amazing! noopsienoop has filmed the beginning of the show, it's slightly different... he shows pictures of his parents and I think he says they met in New York... Can anyone please translate the additional text?
  9. Bit late now, but Live video on IG by user noopsienoop ... WAG on now.
  10. Ich glaube, wir fahren alle mit dem Zug oder Fernbus, da Vignette und Parkgebühren in der Schweiz so teuer sind. @Tina78 hatte mal überlegt mit dem Auto, hat jetzt aber glaub ich auch Bus gebucht. Marion und ich fahren Zug, @Graciosa wie ich sie kenne wird auch nicht das Auto nehmen... und das wars dann schon mit den Münchnern, soweit ich weiß. Schau doch mal bei Flixbus oder IC Bus, gibts da nix mehr günstiges?
  11. Thanks for the report, @Statue_of_Liberty ! It seemed also so short to me in London, and I just did a comparison of the setlist to the ones in 2016... they had about 20-22 songs on them. Now, if you don't count the intro and you count the last 2 as one song (indeed I think it's shorter than a whole song), you have 16. Minus band introduction, minus longer songs, with the crowd animations he used to do for UW or LT. So yes, it IS shorter. It's understandable that Mika wants to save his energy, he has so many gigs to do, and he's not getting younger... but to me, something's missing if at the end of the gig I still feel like I could go on for another hour, despite queueing all day.
  12. Promiseland would be fab. Or Rio. He certainly could do one of NPIH instead of Popular Song or Lollipop, no idea why he doesn't. Maybe it doesn't fit to his current mood / show concept. I wonder if he'll do a different setlist with the new stage set. We'll see tonight...
  13. Nice to see that the festivals for 2020 start coming in! I've split this into a new thread, so all not-yet-confirmed dates for 2020 can go in here.