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Chart-topper Full Of Beans (Barfly Review)

Cautionary Wife

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Feb 26 2007

Mika, Barfly, Birmingham

By Andy Coleman


HE was number one in the UK singles chart for six weeks, during which time he has also topped the album chart, but Mika was more than happy to honour his commitment to play the small Birmingham Barfly.


And what a fun night it was. The 23-year-old Beirut born entertainer is a bundle of energy, bounding around the stage and flamboyantly waving his arms around. He even announced that his mum was in the audience.


Most of his songs have an infectious quality which the sold out crowd couldn't resist singing along to.


Opener Relax (Take It Easy) has a thumping disco beat and its resemblance to Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Relax can't be accidental.


The cheeky Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) links the tune of Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 with the sentiments of Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls.


And the camp Love Today brings to mind the Scissor Sisters and Freddie Mercury.


Closing with chart-topper Grace Kelly, he played all but two tracks from his Life In Cartoon Motion album.




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thank you, another good review, a little bit thin at the end, but positive beginning .


Do you think it is a camp song? I have heard this reference before, do you think it will still be seen as such once he has released the video he has been working on ?


What is their definition of camp? I think they mean musically experimental, colourful, upbeat, catchy, ......


Also I do wish they would stop comparing him to others, he is MIMA!!!

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