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wow,what an interview!


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Here it is as it's ace (in case the link expires!)


Because we love him, and because he’s, like the best new thing in music and he’s going to be so-totally huge, and because his first single, ‘Grace Kelly’, is going to go straight in at No.1, we thought we’d give you some snippets* from an exclusive interview we did with the lovely Mika. Aren’t we nice? He is too.


*Stuff you’ve never read before, even if you read our interview with Mika in boyz mag…!


So now you’re officially the ‘Next Big Thing’, have the mad stalkers started knocking on your door?


There’s a fair share of them! I got the best MySpace message a couple of days ago from a guy called Billy Brown in Arkansas. It was a hate message. ‘Next time I see you I’m dreaming of punching you in the face. My name is Billy Brown and I am not gay. You’re dragging my name through the dirt and you have to change the name of the song.’ He was just going on and on and I loved it, I sent it to everyone. I was like, ‘We’ve made it!’ I was just like, ‘Turn the ****ing thing off then! It’s the third song down so why are you listening to it three songs down!?’


Has anyone recognised you yet?

I haven’t been stopped in the street. I get ‘Hi, how are you?’, and I’m like ‘Why the **** did that person just say hi to me?’


We like your sense of style…

Today I look like I’m in my pyjamas. And this scarf, it’s Dior and my granddads, from the 1950’s.


Is it all your own doing?

I have help from people who help get me clothes. I’ve got into the habit of stealing clothes. Do you know those shoes from that Reindeer gig?


Oh yeah! [really cute shiny gold shoes]

They’re mine now! Even though we got 15 calls from the press office.


So your songs tell some pretty mad stories. Are they real?

Some of them are real and some of them are hyped-up reality based on bits of truth. Bits are autobiographical. I’m working on the ‘Love Today’ video at the moment and the whole concept for it is a story of a hooker who’s too old and she never gets picked up. We called her Carolina and every night we would check out if Carolina got some business.

Then there’s another story of this little girl who comes from a middle class family and then as soon as her parents …Anyway there are always these little stories and in the video it’s… I don’t even know what I’m saying… In the video we’re talking about all these stories, whether you’re a hooker or a guy who can’t get laid and you get depressed or whether you’re a girl who lives a secret life from her parents and who is insanely horny and slutty. Everyone is exactly the same and we’re all just trying to get the same things just in different ways. I wish I knew the point I was trying to make!


And you’re the new face of Paul Smith? Fancy!

Mmm, yes!


What’s all that about?

I don’t really know. I just sort of went in and did it. They like to choose interesting people. They spotlight on them, and I’m one of them.


Did some lovely Paul Smith produce accidentally make its way home with you?

No! But they said I could go in and choose some!


Do it. Then you could start a little side-line!

Yeah, little retro-man in Portobello and start hawking off them clothes! I could get a fortune for those gold shoes. They’re my Dorothy shoes.


Have you worn them since?

Yeah, to the pub last night.


How did they go down in the pub?

[Laughs] A bit like when I was at school! [ie. Bad!]


Did people start throwing their pork scratchings at you?

They just kind of looked at me strange.

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