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  1. "Bang Your Head" - Dope Stars Inc **dances to music**
  2. Aw yay! Smiley faces poking eachother! It's like the best thing ever. heh. By the way, I love your username.
  3. Indeed it would.
  4. Pushhh, your so not! Maybe sometime we can poke dead things together. And thanks everyone for the nice welcome! I can tell I'm gonna like it here.
  5. Aww , yay! You guys all seem really nice, I think I'm gonna like it here. =)
  6. Oddly, I live in New Mexico, so I haven't been to a beach in a longgg time. And yeah, I don't poke dead things with a stick, that's just my childish humor. But I do like reading, and playing guitar, and all that good stuff.
  7. Thanks! And uh...oops did I say that? I didn't mean a thing by it! **hinds dead rat behind my back** Nooo, I'm just kidding about the poking dead things. ^^
  8. Hello everyone, uhh, my names Natty. I haven't been a Mika fan that long (I got in to his music early this year, when I was randomly looking up videos on youtube, I came across "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" and I loved it. I looked up more of his music and well, the rest is history ) Sooo...I like readingggg, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick.... ^^ So yeah, here's to hoping I'll fit in nicely!