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  1. No. Sorry not sorry. 😝 Do you usually remember your dreams?
  2. Hi :bye:  Nice to see you are still around

  3. Hey, it's been so long! I didn't want to say Toronto meet-up and seem rude haha.
  4. In the "London - MFC 10th Anniversary Party" there was mention of other parties in different cities. I can't seem to find one for Canada. Am I just not able to find it or does one not exist?
  5. Thank you SO much for the recommendations. I will definitely do both! Do you think I will need a winter coat?
  6. It's too bad what has happened in Fort McMurray in recent months. I visited a friend in Edmonton in May, and there was tons of support there. Asking for donations at checkout, discounts in stores for residents of Fort McMurray and some places were even offering free meals, which I thought was the nicest. And when I returned home to Toronto, the support was near non-existent. That being said, some good news I found out today is that the first baby was born in Fort McMurray since the wildfire evacuations!
  7. I'm going to Japan later this year! I'm going for two weeks - the last week of November and the first week of December. I have nothing planned (except I booked three nights accommodation when I first arrive in Tokyo, in case I'm tired) and would love to see as much of the country as I can in two weeks. And of course stuff my face silly with foooooooood!
  8. http://m.noisey.vice.com/en_ca/blog/coeur-de-pirate-orlando-pulse-shooting-essay
  9. The last CD I bought was "Coming Home" by Leon Bridges. I saw him on Saturday Night Live a while back, and have been in love with his music ever since. Definitely recommend this album if you like old school music.
  10. I went to Vilnius this past October. Lithuania is an amazing country! I learned one word while I was there: Ačiū.
  11. I definitely want to see "The Revnant". I think Leonardo DiCaprio actually sleeping in animal carcasses and eating raw bison liver is worth my time. Sounds so intense haha!
  12. I'm surprised with her recent album, attention in the media/from fans and new tour dates that this thread hasn't been bumped earlier.
  13. I did not visit #DeadRaccoonTO, but I just might visit the Skittles Pawn Shop. It's actually happening, I passed by the store today. http://www.blogto.com/events/skittles-holiday-pawn-shop/ But we put them in holders, like this one:
  14. If you every need to replenish your supply of maple syrup, just know you can buy a 55lb pail of it from costco.ca!
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