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  1. Im gonna be even later cause i just got to the train station through the wordt rain only tp realize i forgot my ticket..... At least i found out before i got in the train right
  2. I'll only be able to be there around 6 pm at the earliest because I have class in Utrecht until 5.... I'll also be alone, haha. Anyone else coming around 6 who wants to meet up?
  3. I finally bought my ticket! I wasnt sure if I could go because I don't know my work and uni schedules yet (esp since it's in the middle of the week) and don't love the idea of going to a concert alone (none of my friends are into mika) but eh, i'll figure something out. hopefully. Anyway, my first Mika concert! I loved all the new songs I've heard so far so I'm very excited.
  4. Haven't see you around for ages - are you OK?


    And Happy Birthday :happybday:

  5. I'm not French, but I definitely heard "garçons" here. Oh, and hi, I haven't been on here for a while, well, that is an understatement, for half a year then, but I just wanted to pop in again because of this song. The first time I heard it, I didn't like it. At all. But then I listened to it again, and I kinda liked it. Now it's my... 5th? 6th? time of listening to it, and it really grew on me. It's a bit like Kick-Ass... I didn't like that in the beginning either, but then after a while I ADORED it. So yeah, just my two cents.
  6. Johnny Depp. He's like the hottest guy ever. At least the hottest 47 year old guy.
  7. I love that birds shirt! ..There are a lot of things that he has worn that I don't like, but I'm lazy so I'm not gonna search for pictures.
  8. ...En dan m'n hele computer.

  9. Okee.. Ik probeerde je toe te voegen en mn msn crasht! XD Wat is dat nou weer. *Nieuwe poging*

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