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Mika Releases New ‘Sanremo’ Video



Mika has just released his music video for Sanremo from the new album ‘My Name Is Michael Holbrook’! Sanremo is out now and available to watch in full on YouTube here.

Director’s Statement:

“We set this film in the late 1950’s to remind ourselves of an era when homosexuality if not illegal was socially unacceptable, a time of discrimination and persecution.

For Mika’s imprisoned character the lyrics become a hymn to feeling in an unfeeling world. ‘San Remo’ represents his utopian dream, a fictional place of liberation and transcendence. ‘Over there you shine like a star. Doesn’t even matter who you are…’

Yet fifty years later we sadly have to be aware that for many peoples in the world ‘San Remo’ still remains a dream. So I and we must wholeheartedly respect Mika himself for choosing to make this film with such eloquence and courage.

To be of value to someone other than oneself.”

‘To get to a place where you could love anything you chose, not to need permission for desire, well now that was freedom’ -Toni Morrison

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