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  1. I think she knew what to said but she got confused because she was nervous XDDD It was soooo obvious how she drooled on him
  2. Me too XD anyway, when it's going to air the final day of Sanremo? I've absolutely to see him (*_*) I wonder which songs will he sing.
  3. poor guy XD thanks god it was only a bluff... though people doesn't know anymore what to do with their free time, ne :°
  4. Thank you for posting the news! I read it this morning before going to school and I entered in class screaming ''Mika comes to Italyyyy!!'' xD my best friend was almost happy as me, because it's days I talk about him nonstop. Anyway, I'm gonna buy the ticket... but... there's someone who wants to come with me? é.è I already asked to Amanda (another Italian girl from this forum) but I'm still waiting her answer... Maybe Italian fans from this forum could organize and meet each other there!! What do you think?
  5. I love these pics!! XD They're so colourful and Mika is so smily! Thanks for sharing!!!
  6. OH MY GOD I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS. Anyway, ciaooo ^-^ sono italiana anche io. Welcome!!
  7. Ciao!! Sono italiana anche io Welcome =* (I don't know Mika since a lot... a week maybe xD)
  8. Well, for now let's vote him the more we can xD maybe if he gets to the first place in the chart the chances for him to come in Italy will be higher.
  9. Ciao!! Sono italiana anche io! WELCOME!
  10. Sigh, when I read the title I though MIKA was going to come to TRL ;_; *sad* I want to see him live so badly (><)
  11. I hope (=_=) Bullying people is the worst. Though he said he didn't compromize his personality cause of this, and he's funny and spontaneous XD so I'm relieved. I really hope he'll become famous in Italy... I want to see him live (T_T) It's ok even if he becomes famous in Japan during the summer, point I'm there XD *LOL*
  12. Myri

    Hello!! (^O^)

    Sto bene, grazie (*__*) Thank you for the welcome! You are all very nice (^-^)
  13. Myri


    Hi Franco! You know, it's an Italian name! (I'm from Italy) Well, I'm happy you like his music (*___*) Mika all around the world XD Ah, almost forgot U_U, welcome!!
  14. Wow, even a princess! Mika has no limits I know that already 1 milion of persons said this, but Mika is going to be HUGE.
  15. Welcome!! I'm a newbie too, but you got to know Mika sooner than me! I found him 4 days ago, haha xD and I hope that after Moscow he'll visit Milan, haha. Anyway I'm sure you'll have fun here, this forum is great, every member is extra nice ^-^
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