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  1. or hang around in other threads!!!! how come everytime i come back there is nothing up here... at least we get to catch up.....how long ago was it now? how bigwas it in berlin the firsttime???
  2. OHHH ja it has been a while now since the last gig. i miss u all tooo....but u know what ...im enjoying life once again. dont tell anyone: but i havent heard mika songs for nearly a year. i wouldnt evenknow his new ones!!!!!!!i am a terrible fan!!!
  3. jesus, did u marry rich! u must really miss us. berlin is just fine! any festivals planed yet? NIBE? wouldnt mind a funny roadtrip some applebooze and the ark
  4. coucou just hopping by. showed my freind some fotos of my past life. time to meet up again. news in my life: moving to ireland for work have my hotel diploma, without any learning and did pretty well,im a bit impresed with myself. greatings and küsse to all of u. hope you r all well. vally ps.babs, enfa, kata,jemma and satu when is the next roadtrip?
  5. Norway!! where did they meet him? i would love to walk down the street and meet him! did he say something else? and luke wanted to stay in the band?
  6. wtf?? why! how did he find out? did he cancel a show and didnt tell luke. but luke found out that he played a secret gig with an other keyboarder? ****. i hate the big m!!
  7. huhu! so what did i miss? im at home. some mean dentist stole my tooth!! kuss vally
  8. I just wanted to say: honestly: i walked down the street and found this sign. thought i have to take a pointing pic. so here is to your birthday! wish you a applely day and loads of fun. Riesen Kuss vally ps:im not as good as you guys with the paitfotoshopstuff! aber der wille ist das was zählt!
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