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  1. Hi people ! I'm looking for 1 ticket for Saturday October 23rd at the Philharmonie... If anyone has that somewhere in their pocket, please hit me up ! 😊
  2. I thought this set was designed for compiegne only, but indeed, it WOULD have been a pity to make all these stuffs just for 1 show ...
  3. Here it is... Posted it in the other thread cause i was also talking about the visual effects topic, and i hadn't seen this thread yet.
  4. No we didn't, we didn't queue early and took our time during the day but we had a nice view.
  5. Hello to all... Long time no see The show was really good. I do think the Marie-Antoinette theme is a one shot thing, only set for this particular place he was playing. He wasn't more disctracted that what i've seen him before, and there was no more "theatrical things" than in other shows he's played on previous tours, no need to worry about that in my opinion. When you get to play bigger venues and bigger audiences, there's got to be a visual part to fill up that huge stage If hewas just playing in a plain white T on that kind of stage, i don't think he would get the maximum of the performance as an ensemble. And people at the back of these huge audiences got to see something since they don't really see him He's getting more and more confidence on stage and interacting more with the audience, and that's quite nice (compared to the very beginning where he was singing his songs one after the others). The new Blame it song is really beautiful. Elle me Dit is fun. I don't think much of that Karen song yet, i think i would have to listen to it again to get the words, cause i didn't catch everything. And he's still a cutie It'd been a long time and it was a real pleasure seeing him again on stage, doing what he does best. And no, that's not dancing He even signed quite a lot of things at the end when going to the bus, compared to what i've seen before. I guess he was in a good mood.
  6. j'ai pas retrouvé mes ID. C'con ou bien c'est possible d'avoir été supprimé parce que j'avais jamais posté?

  7. i'm so sorry i haven't seen your message before now !!! i hope you got to the concert in LA... sorry again !

  8. i sent an email to sandbag and they said they haven't received the tix yet so they can't despatch them... i asked them to change my order so i can collect mine at the box office the day of the show and they accepted so it's alright and good to know the weather is in a warm phase, i'm arriving on monday...
  9. uh oh... still haven't received my ticket yet leaving on monday morning (early morning can't get mail that morning)...
  10. Hi I´m Topsy!


    i read one of your comments an says that you will go to the Mika Show in los angeles , i will going to , i want to make you one question.


    this is the situation:

    mi tickets have no arrived an , and only remains 11 days for the show.

    this is the question:


    sandbag already sent you your tickets?

    cause i buy it at MIKASOUNDS.COM


    mi tickets are delay, maybe is because i live in Mexico that take so longer in arrived

    really reassure me know if you already have them in your hands, or if my tickets are just not reached



    I hope your answer!


    sorry about my english i don´t speak it really good

  11. yeah, i bought it on mikasounds... don't even remember if they're gonna send it to Paris
  12. Christine told me they were looking for something around the airport cause they're flying to Oakland the morning after... i took something else cause i'm not flying anywhere after and i'll be staying 4 days at the same place after the concert... Airport was not convenient to visit and hang in LA. I'll be arriving from San Francisco early afternoon and join you in the queue to say hi when i'll be free from my stuffs.
  13. ooook... so once again : where is everyone going to stay ? hotel ? hostel ? apartment ? street ? we could plan something together for the LA non-resident...
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