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  1. Hey Just thought I'd tell you about the charity recording our school are doing. Our new music teacher Loves the song Happy ending so she asked us to do a recording of it for charity, we are singing it and designing our own cover for it and then are selling it for a charity of her choice xD We had our first rehearsal and its all going well just splitting off into solos ,melodies and harmonies then we will audition for band members. Beth
  2. We have this on the ark forum i shall explanin howit works the first person would say for example: I can be brown the next person would have to guess what song it was from and put some more lyrics: Grace Kelly is that you on the phone next person: Ring Ring Put your finger on the trigger next person : Erase get yourself to the bttterfly lounge and so on xD starting lyric : found an island of the coast of mexico
  3. I'm getting anew account i hate my username and am now known as dth2themartys one of the best ark songs xD
  4. Ola rocks xD completely and am planning to watch MTV EMA's to hopefully see them win the best swedish band and to see Mika of course.
  5. Haven't been on here in ages, but now back into Mika. Have been very distracted by a swedish band called the ark which i have to admit are still my favourite Over Mika then Jann wilde and rose avenue xD So just Hi to everyone I'll start posting more now as when i made this account i had no idea how to use a forum but now i am one of the top posters at http://www.thearkworld.com.forum xD
  6. I hvnt even tried going without mika cause i kno i cnt and wat makes it worse is that nobody , i mean noone at all is obsessed around me. quote "turn that racket off " so i jst go and play it on the piano. Big thnks to ben (piano teacher) who transcripted them. I seem to be able to link all conversations too him, with frnds like mine ( not mika maniacs) you do not get a reply :mf_lustslow: BET YOU CNT ERASE MY TOUCH
  7. tad obsessed drivin everyone crzy who kno me meant to be doing history project due in on monday. piano teacher finaly agreed to teach me grace kelly and love today ha i spend my time obsessed with mika, it rules
  8. BIt of a stupid qeustion on mika fan club, noboddys gonna vote anything else
  9. Gr8 to be here , with peeps hu hav the same opinion unlike many of my frends. Mika rules !!
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