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  1. Happy birthday ! ;)))

  2. HELLO!! We are completely freaked out that we saw you in the local Rite-Aid. So cool!!!!


  3. Standing behind LoveLoveMika, she says hi. It's nice to be warm! But the show needs to start already! --Jack
  4. I don't want to wear a poncho. I want to wear tiny sparkly dress! Well, we'll see what I will do. When is everyone getting in line? --Jack
  5. Projected weather now is cold and rainy all day. It was like that today and it SUCKED. Are people seriously going to sit in the cold rain from noon on? --Jack
  6. Hey Jack....

    I hope you are doing well....I was hoping to see your picture with mika...even if it turned out blurry like mine.


    take care


  7. Hello- There is a plan that before the Philly show a few of us are going to video MFC'ers running the MFC flaf up the steps to the Philadelphia Art Museum (where Rocky ran) BUT do it in the best Mikaesque way as possible.

    WE'd love to have you and your ideas in making this happen.

    Please PM me if you come and or your ideas.

    Thank you,


    Here is the link to how this idea got started


  8. Ne osobenno! Ya dumayu, on k takim vescham privyk. Vse taki takoe ne tak uzh redko vstrechaetsya na live shows. (Not particularly! I think he's somewhat used to that sort of thing. After all this happens somewhat frequently with live shows.) I mean, he wasn't pleased, but he really wasn't devastated. --Jack
  9. Ok, report! Got there at around 5:30 to see Natalie, Lucy and Mommylovesmika already there, at the very start of the line. Behind them was a group with the dancing, sparkly girl (we all called her Sparkles, including the management) and her friends, and behind them other people. We waited there for a while: Sparkles was adorable and made friends with the security. They went down the line asking who had confirmation numbers and seemed very confused that nobody of all of us in front did, but I asked them if they could mention to John that we were there. Some people with VIP passes came, and they stood in a different line to the side. Eventually Rilo and her friend arrived, and went to the back of the line. I told her that if they were going to let MFCers in I'd make sure to tell them she was with us, but it turned out not to be necessary. Another security person came out and insisted that everyone without a confirmation number had to go to the back of the line! So we all ended up right next to Rilo, behind all of these people. We discussed the situation between us and asked Mommylovesmika to talk to the security guard and mention again that we were from the MFC and John might want to know we were there, and that seemed to do the trick. They took those of us who were with the MFC (and we said that Sparkles and her crew was definitely with us) and made yet another line. Mika was inside by this point and we could see him rehearsing. There was also a promotion for some candy store going on and a giant giraffe mascot came by, and people mentioned that Mika would get a kick out of him. So I jumped up and down behind Sparkles and waved and got his attention, and he smiled and waved back, and then I waved him to the side, like "No, not me! Look there! The giraffe!" And he did, and laughed. Oh, and MommylovesMika brought some small posterboard and made a sign saying "MFC says Mika is golden!" and the Rilo suggested we also write "We love your closet!" on the reverse side, and we did. I decorated it with pictures of various clothing items, and also rainbows and teddy bears. That sign amused a lot of people. Allison came and explained that she would try to get us in, but that she was waiting for a group of official fans with a list of names, and I explained that far as MFC went, that was us, and there wasn't going to be a list. And I could assure her no other MFCers would be coming. So then we got reshuffled again to the back of the VIP section this time, and were soon inside. Apparently some of the people who had confirmation numbers but no VIP passes were giving us kind of dirty looks at this point. Took a while for things to get set up: everything was pretty confused. They told the band they'd go up and play one thing, then another, then no wait, something else. You know the whole deal with Obama by now, but I just wanted to explain that even the people giving directions on the floor had no idea what they were going to run. They'd give one set of directions: "ok, we'll go to the cooking now, and then come back with the music!" only to have some higher-up contradict them the next second, and so then "no, wait, we're being told music now and then cooking! No wait, commercial!" Love Today was played as a warm-up, and then Mika left the stage and no one seemed to know what was going on. When Obama came on, it was cute, Mika went up to one of the tvs to see the speech better, and for a moment everyone was serious and paying attention to the same thing, because I think we all thought he might announce a war. But he didn't, and I gotta say: 1) that speech could have been a LOT shorter for what it was--Obama kept repeating himself, 2) nothing he said was anywhere important enough to have to interrupt all broadcasting for it. If he WAS announcing a war, ok. But as it was? I don't get why it couldn't have been aired at any other time during the day. After another period of "are we doing this? No, we're going to do that. No, that! Okay, prepare to do that people! Wait, nevermind again!" they finally decided to film a very SHORT take on the cooking and a goodbye. It was really confusing, because it seemed like any time the people on the floor made a decision, they'd get a correction or a reversal of it on their earpieces. I'd like to clarify here, btw, that it really didn't seem that they cut Mika because they considered him less important, but because of time issues. The first take they did of the cooking section was literally like, 30 seconds. Then they did a slightly longer re-take, but it still wasn't as long as Mika would require just to sing the song in full. So I think they cut him because they knew they didn't have enough time, and they didn't want to have him sing just till the first bridge of the song. So they filmed the closing of the show, and then came back to film Mika's segment. The announcer came up to Mika and started doing chitchat, and Mika did not seem that keen to talk to him. He asked "are we going to be talking now, or do I just sing?" and the guy say that they'd do some light banter, and Mika looked kinda perplexed, and then they seemed to discuss what they would be bantering about. I made a comment about poor Mika being forced to rehearse "casual chatting" with the annoying host, and I think Martin heard me and snickered. (Not sure though) Then the segment went on as you saw. The teleprompter, btw, read "over 5 million records sold," so the guy messed that up. He ad-libbed the iTunes part though--that wasn't on the prompter, I think he was told to mention that via his earpiece. Then everyone lined up for quick-quick-quick photos with Mika. Mine was blurry, but Rilo got a really cute pic. And then they rushed us out of there. It was nice that everyone got the opportunity for a photo though. We stood outside talking a bit, and then I decided to see what was going on at the side of the building--sure enough, some of the non-MFC fans were lined up waiting for M. We lined up too and waited for something over an hour. I talked to Martin in the meanwhile and said I was sad they couldn't have played more songs, and they should have rebelled and done so. He said "well, you know Mika, he probably would have!" but there really was no way. Finally Mika came out, and signed stuff, but also rather quickly. Rilo and I didn't get our things signed, but that was fine with me--I just liked seeing him out of his stage clothes and being nice to the other kids. He signed all sorts of things--a shoe, a notebook, a crumpled dollar bill. Not poor Rilo's metrocard though! Then he made a beeline for his car and left. Ha. Most everyone left then, but Rilo and her friend and some of the other fans stayed, and we decided that we'd bonded, and went off on an adventure together. So we couldn't post earlier, as we were off having coffee and breakfast-lunch around Times Sq in a big group. So: a good morning, all in all! --Jack P.S. I was trying NOT to be caught on film through the entire thing, and basically succeeded. The MFC contingent side right to the side of/behind Sunshine. I'm the girl in the pink plaid skirt who always had that white sign/card over her face.
  10. I'm on the train right now to meet up with Rilo outside the GMA studios. Got all of a half hour of sleep tonight, so I hope they let us in! Unfortunately I am not Christine or Sariflor, so Mikastaff doesn't recognize me as MFC by face. ;-) --Jack
  11. I can't seem to get into the MFC chat anymore... was it taken down?

  12. Oh geeze, finally. He may not be saying "I am bisexual" exactly, but at least he's definitely saying "I am not straight." And everyone can relax a little hopefully. --Jack
  13. Wow, it HAS been a while since I logged on...