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  1. i like the kooks they're pretty good =) my aunty likes them and she went to one of their concerts a few years ago . she said they were really good live .
  2. that was the website i had before! but then i lost the URL . thank you!
  3. Hammersmith Apollo =) it was the best night of my life lol XD we really annoyed the people next to us though as we were singing very loud and dancing and jumping loads hehe where did you see them?? did roy run into the crowd like he did at hammersmith? we were on the balocny and comes up there through this little fire door which was oppisite the ladies toilet which i just coincedentlly (thats a lie i'd been hiding in there for 5 minutes cos i knew he'd be coming up haha) happenedto be in... so when roy came through the door (charged is more of a word i'd use actually) i just happened to be walking out the ladies lol. so, he opened the door on me (i never wanted that pain to go away lol) and he held my arm and asked if i was alright! i actually couldnt talk LOL and then he highfived me and ran into the crowd... it was the best =) and my friend slapped his bum
  4. Can I just say good luck to Scouting For Girls? They're nominated for 3 Brits tonight and I hope they win at least 1! They really deserve to win =) (especially Best Live Act - they were the best band I've seen live so they really deserve that award). Good Luck!
  5. mmmmm.... (remembering) ah i seemed to have started drooling i never get to meet any singers but i only met them by chance cos i loitered a bit after the gig buying clothes and because i'm so fussy i took like an hour to get the right stuff and they had all come out by the end so that was how i met them =D i also met The Chemists lead singer when i went to see Feeder last November which was quite cool.
  6. they were really good live werent they? i met them after the gig one word : PHWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, and thats alright ! i thought everyone should know about them
  7. Hmm.. i couldnt find a thread about them so i'll just make a new one The Days - they are one of my absoloute favouritist bands atm , i dont understand why not many people know about them! i saw them when they supported Scouting For Girls last november at Hammersmith (i only saw the last 2 songs lol we were a bit late...) and what i saw, i thought they were absoloutly knockout!! i'd recomend everyone to have a listen on their myspace profile... http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=20722599 i recomend "Jane" and "The Days". the others are good as well but they;re my favourite songs ^-^ They've actually released a song called "No Ties" and its available to download now so go download it! They're verrryyy good and pretty cute too x
  8. y'knoww mika has those cool colourful watches with all the patterns on them? agess ago there was a thread about what website they're from and i was wondering if anyone still knew what website they were from? thanks a lot!
  9. MikaRMS


    aww thank yous i cant wait for his new album =D i'm literally jumping up and down with excitement lol do you think he'll do festivals this year, like to promote/test out the new album? cos i'm going to V this year and i want to see him again (3rd time hopefully)?
  10. MikaRMS


    ooh i love amsterdam its so preety oh, and thank you Holly =D
  11. MikaRMS


    i've been to 2 =D somerset house and brixton academy they werre fabb =D i hope the new albums good we've waited so long!!! i bet it'll be knockout
  12. MikaRMS


    tbh, i used to think that mika had just given up doing music but now he's released that preview i'm so excited!! XD
  13. MikaRMS


    i know i've been a member on here for yonkss but i haven't really been online on here for a while. so i just thought i'd come and say hi again also i'm soo excited about mikas new moosiiicc!!!! it sounds welll good x
  14. I am okay today! :bleh: WISH it was Friday ...... want to go see Twilight

    a g a i n! :naughty:


    How are you?

  15. helloo there how vare you?

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