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  1. hey hun! How are you? It's been a while! I was one of the lucky few who could see Mika at the Mobistar gig in Brussels last week :) It was amazing and made me realize how much I miss him performing. I hope to see you soon at another Mikagig (hoping he will soon announce some gigs :wink2:) Kisses! xx

  2. the alphabet is so difficult! lol Hope to see you soon at a next Mika-gig!
  3. A bit late, but here's a short report about last week! When I gave up hope to win a ticket, my friend Katrien texted me that she won a ticket. "Would you like to go to the AB with me to see Mika?" Yes of course!!! I was so happy! I met Katrien back in 2009 when we were queueing for one of our first Mika-gigs in the Ancienne Belgique. Katrien, it's so kind of you that you asked me as your +1 and I'm so happy I saw you again! After my work I took the train to Brussels. I was surprised that there were already so many people queueing. Katrien was talking to 2 girls(It was great meeting you Machoefeltje!). The guys from Mobistar were filming the queue. Entering went very well: they only allowed 2 people every time. We received a light bracelet + a green hat. We decided not to stand this time so we walked to the balcony where we had a great view The gig was really great! Mika was very happy and talked a lot, you could see he enjoyed performing! I was really surprised about the setlist: I thought he would only play 'famous' songs, but he started with Toy Boy! He forgot the lyrics of Lola (which was very cute I thought). It was so cool that he played Boum Boum Boum as well. I enjoyed every single minute of the show and I realized how much I missed his performances! The show was over way too soon! I didn't have the time to wait for the M&G... Thanks again Katrien!!
  4. I don't know if there is another thread for this gig, but here are my pics. We decided not to stand close to the stage this time but to sit down on the chairs on the balcony. We had a great view over there
  5. apparently 10,000 people could win the 2nd price My cousin thought it was weird she only received it so late...
  6. I can attend the gig, thanks to a friend who won! I'm so happy, I didn't even know she participated and I'm very very thankful that she asked me to be her +1! Btw my cousin received an email yesterday from Mobistar telling her she won the "2nd price of the competition" = 10 free downloads + the link to the live stream... It's weird that she received it this late, anyone else who won this?
  7. One friend texted me that she received an email that she didn't win; so I texted another friend who also participated and she didn't receive this email... maybe there's still some hope?
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