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  1. hey hun!! :huglove: how are you? thanks, I know we're so lucky that most artists come to belgium that often. such a pity they don't come to your country, it's just not fair :(:huglove: mika should come to your country as well!! *hug*

    good luck by finding an internship!! I hope you'll find a good one soon. It's must be hard to find one :s What would you like to do? And is it a long internship? I'll cross my fingers for you!!

    I'm fine, just working and seeing friends in the weekends etc. I also started dancing again :) I did jazz dance for years but stopped when I went to college. And now I decided I wanted to do a sport again (seriously, I'm already tired when I take the stairs at my work :naughty: )

    love ya!! :huglove:

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