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  1. Heyo! Happy Mika Fan over here! Post-gig-depression is starting to kick in. It was amazing, loved every bit of the show. Too emotional to write a very detailed review, just gonna say, that waiting those 6 years (last time he was in Lithuania is 2010) was worth it! Liked this show so much better than the one back in 2010. It was more professional and more sincere, I'd say. People were very into it, Mika kept trowing "thumbs up" and was bowing to the crowd A LOT. Loved when he said, something like "This doesn't feel like a concert at all, feels like we're all having so much fun". Then he added - "Some concerts feel like concerts and some feel like something else. This tonight feels like something else". The highlight of the night, for me, was when he acapella sang a chorus of Harry Ending, with no mic or anything (he had to make us shut uo, took him couple of minutes, hehe). I had chiiiiils. It was such a powerful moment I'm so very very very proud of the crowd, of the people that were there that night. We were definitely having time of our lives! So much energy, joy and so much love! Ok, some pics from me. Group pic. Some fans before the show, some I already knew from before, some very very brand new and very very excited! (I had ~600 pics on my camera, so I'm gonna share a few)
  2. Yeah, fan zone is nearest the stage I will be there as well I'm so happy he hasn't forget about us, tho it's been 6 years since he last been here. Anyways, can't wait
  3. Hey everyone, long time no see I will be going, already have my ticket Yeah, they gave a code for pre-sale, but as I checked today, prices are the same - with code or without. So, no worries
  4. It's out here, yes, but I pre-ordered it from mikasounds and IT'S STILL NOT HERE! I hope it will come this week, cuz they emailed me they they send it two weeks ago... I'm getting worried :// Oh, I'm so happy for you! The gig is going to be amazing Well, I don't have one, so I guess I'm not boring haha I hope so. We need to do internship soon, and I have no idea where I can do it I hope so. She's learning to drive now, she's gonna be qualified driver soon Oh, I love his first the most too. But this one is close to it
  5. Yeah, well, probably, I never had one, but her teeth really needs one. And i kinda want one, just to have Hollywood smile, you know There are no limits for improving! Oh, I see. Well, more or less the situation is similar everywhere, I guess. We also have polititions that think only about themselves. And some private universities, like mine, are not getting sponsorship anymore, that is why we don't have the junior grade this year, nobody wants to pay for their studies, cuz it's just too expensive. That is why, next year, after I graduate, I have no idea if I want to study further Well, time will show! I hope so! She's a good student, I bet she can do everything Oh yeah, I'm not a fan of Make You Happy, Celebrate, Kids and the new version of overrated yet. I really hope they will grow on me, cuz I really love the rest a lot! All in all, this might just be the best thing he ever did!
  6. It's really great album! I wonder when I'm gonna get it, never pre-ordered anything before. Hope I won't have to wait too long. Oh yeah, not those two months seems like nothing
  7. Yes I was skeptical at first to pre-order Mika's CD without even listening to it first, but now I'm glad I did! The album is perfect Ooh, Monday couldn't seem so far away now! And I'm so envy you gonna see them live!
  8. Well, at least now she is all good. One of my groupmates are going to have braces soon, so she's really nervous, but I keep saying that's all for the best and after she will see the result, it will be all worthy to go through this! I saw on tv today, that there are many riots in Spain right now due to big unemployment and all... I had no idea it was that serious Yeah, she has no idea, hopefully, she will choose well Well, hopefully, those subjects come in handy one day.. Btw, did you listen to Mika's album? I can't get enough, it's been a while I was so Mika-fan-gurling
  9. Oooh, that was an amazing performance
  10. Oooh, but I'm glad she is feeling better now! Oh, I know what you mean! A lot of students here takes a year off after school and before starting uni. Yeah, last year for Agne. I have no idea what she wants to do later. Oooh, I had that one too few years ago, and it totally makes no sence. Now we have accounting, now idea why, really...
  11. Yes, I like to do that too. Then you are sure of what you're buying. Don't worry, you'll get it soon Btw, from what I heard so far, The Killers album is amazing!
  12. Oooh, I see. Well, I am glad she is feeling better than she should haha!!! That means everything went good! Oooh, yeah, that time is not great.. I have a lot of classes from 8 till 15, and that is horrible. You start getting crazy being sooo looong in school Amm, no, I can't go to Erasmus again, cuz this year we gonna have internship and diploma work. Oooh, it's gonna be one crazy year Yeah, totally unnecessary subjects.... I hate that ://
  13. Foxxy

    Origin of Love - new song

    I hope he will come anywhere close soon, cuz from what I heard, I like live version more too