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  1. Abs


    i kno! im so excited...im getting addicted to this thing sapppy, im never doing my HW!:starwars: :starwars: :starwars:
  2. i heard you guys had an amazing night at the signing last night! i am sure it was unbleivable! how close were you to him?
  3. Abs


    I joined the fan club after seeing mika in concert! he is so talented and i hope the best for him and he continues to gain fans and popularity! everybodys gonna love to today! any way you want to, any way you got to love love me love love me!
  4. and this is a picture of my friend sasha and I with MIKA!!!!
  5. Hi sivan...i was one of the girls that spoke hebrew to you! What you did for MIKA was unbelievable! Last night was the most amazing thing i will EVER experience! Im in love! Hope to see you at another concert in the future, Shalom Abs
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