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  1. i been watching this every night on sky 355 to watch mika grace kelly and tonight finally love today has entered the buidling how mint is that
  2. please can i be a member pretty please xx
  3. sensible 1. how are you? 2. do you know how cool you are? 3. when you coming near my town? 4. what one thing would you change if you could? 5. what is your biggest hope for the future? naughty 1. what do you like for breakfast? i won't go any further down that route, imagination is a wonderful thing sorry
  4. thanks your all too kind, i think i'm gonna enjoy it round here
  5. just thought i would drop in and say a big hi i can't believe there are more people like me i'm so pleased. i am from england and i first found the mika sound about 6 weekis ago when my 9 yr opld daughter came home shouting listen listen to this and i was then hooked big time. i managed to save and get the album last week and it is amazing i love it all and it is on all the time it makes me soooooo happy
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