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  1. Hey everyone. My name is Juliana. Im not very good at introductions so here it goes. Im 16. Im from the US, and I'm obsessed with John Mayer (although not quite happy with the person he's dating) and I listen to all kinds of music. But the first time I heard Mika's music I fell in love with it immediately. I first heard of him from a friend, shes also new, Sarah, or Sun6Chic. When I finally got around to listening to a song of his, i couldn't stop, its addicting. We always talk about him and listen to his music in class. So, we became Team Mika. I have told a ton of people about him and most of them loved his music too. I would absolutley love it if he toured the US. See I told you I was bad at introducitons. haha. Spreading some Mika love:mf_lustslow: , Jules:wink2:
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