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  1. omg i cannot wait to see everyone! its been too long without some MFC luv! I should be a philly around 3? whos all gonna be there before?!
  2. So i just got back from NYC and i luv how everyone has updated so quickly! haha. The Show was amazing! a little different from the gig in Philly but brilliant! I'll admit that i did giggle a bit at mika's face when he dropped the microphone during relax? (or was it big girl?). He made the cutest "oh well" face. haha. Anyways, best part was after the show, waiting for what seemed like eternity for mika behind terminal 5. I met up with Lucy for a bit, then pushed the trash out of the way with the help of cheeseygoodness (? i believe thats her name here...i know shes from fort lauderdale! lol and she was soo nice). So after that we swapped mika stories and showed off our pictures to each other. Good fun. Anyways, mika came out....and i actually didnt realize it because Perez Hilton came out first! and my friend and i were like "omg perez!" haha. But then i was like "omg mika!" and we focused back to him haha. Mika signed my cartoon animal mask that i wore during lollipop! i then told him how much i luv'd the show in Philly and he seemed soo surprised i was there as well. (aww) haha. So my night was made, as well as my friends because it was her first mika show (even tho she's liked him forever too), so she got her autograph too. After all that, i saw Cynthia (whom i had met for the first time in Philly) she is the nicest person! and i saw Morrina (sp?) too! Those girls are awesome! it was sad to say goodbye to Lucy, Cynthia and Morrina(sp?) because we'd seen each other in Philly and then in NYC and it was a like a fun trip coming to an end. so that was my night. absolutely awesome! (i know some people where looking for the video of Lollipop from NYC and that most people couldnt record it or take pictures because we were all getting trampled on or trying to get on stage (ahah crazyyyness) but i know someone who got footage of it and hopefully sometime this week i can put it up on You Tube! i'll let you know when that happens)
  3. Haha LUCY! It's me SARAH....aka Sun6chic! everyone else pretty much said everything that happened. It was awesome to meet some MFC people and talk a little with them. The whole night was magical. During Lollipop me and lucy put on these cartoon animal masks (for little kid parties ahah) and we just went wild and danced a lot haha. Martin saw us, and he kept looking back at us and smiling. I think he was surprised cuz we knew that they dress up for lollipop and we "dressed up" in our own way to get into the song. haha. I have tons of pictures which i'll put up later this weekend after i go to NYC for the Terminal 5 show.
  4. ahh oh fun! so im leaving at 1 and should be there around 230ish!!! im soo excited!
  5. does anyone know if we can bring cameras? i know on the Electric Factory website it says no cameras or recording devices. if not then.... cell phones are the way to go i assume haha SO EXCITED!!!
  6. OK SO I STILL HAVE THE EXTRA TICKET FOR TONIGHT!!! if anyone is going, ask a friend to go along, if u wanted to go but couldnt manage to get a ticket....HERES YOUR CHANCE PM me before 12:30pm (eastern time obviously).(i;ll be checking back every half hour) and we can make arrangements. If you're concerned about getting the ticket before the show, theres something called meeting up. haha. Ive asked everyone to go with me but no one here at school with me will. This ticket shouldnt go to waste.
  7. ok just posted on Extra ticket thread too. I too have an extra ticket for todays show in Philly. PM me, if ur going ask another friend to go! or something, these tickets shouldnt go to waste that would be soo wrong. i'll be up all night so dont hesitate if u want the ticket!
  8. I have ONE ticket for today;s concert in Philly @ the ELectric Factory! PM me if you'd like to make arrangments, i know its late notice but a friend backed out on me just a couple hours ago and i really dont want the ticket to go to waste.
  9. omg i LUV LUV this video! mika in a bed....i wanna be the pillow or blanket haha. (and the little crab on the pillow was soo cute it blinked!) i luv the concept. bravo mika!
  10. that magazine u are looking for which came w/Teen Vogue (only if u subcribe to teen vogue) is called : Fashion Rocks its a promotional magazine for the Fashion Rocks TV special. u can buy it separately. Its a silver/gray cover w/Jennifer Lopez on the front. its out for a little while so look for it soon!
  11. merci beaucoup sivan! FRIDAY IS GOING TO AMAZING!!!! hope it doesnt rain *knock on wood* see everyone friday morning!
  12. hey does any think they could email me the forms? i just found out about this, & i did PM freddie, but im leaving for NYC in about 5 hours (we;re going a day early) & im scared he may not get back to me in time (which i totally understand). I've emailed Cazgirl so i just need those forms. if u can help me, PM me so i can give u my email address. thanks!
  13. yeah they are such a supportive family. I luv it. lucky u, u got to meet more of them.
  14. omg i totally know how u feel! but after complaing to my parents they said there is a reason why i didnt meet him that night. Things happen for a reason. & most likely when i meet him, it'll be the best best meeting ever! *proactive thinking!* oh & i read how some of u girls met mika's mom & cousins! that soo cool. While in line, Mika's grandma came up to me asking "whats the line for *smile*?" & i was all "its for MIKA!!!!!" & she just got this really big smile and asked how i found out about him & stuff. I felt like an idiot b/c i didnt realize she was actually his grandmother until later on in the night. But yeah thats my story. She was soo nice.
  15. ha yes! of course u may help me. Drying Mika off Party! oh geezzz ok im done. lol
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