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  1. VOTED! only 4 percent - can't believe it... somehow some people have to be blind! brad pitt is first and c'mon he's not the youngest guy and has some wrinkles around his eyes...
  2. whoop, whoop! i CAN see it - amazing - thanx aload!
  3. husky

    hey, y'all

    will be one of my birthday presents!
  4. husky

    hey, y'all

    hm,hope it does work - i'm a bit confused actually... but, anyway... thanx for the warm welcome... soooooo, let's start with "how did i find out about mika?" i'm listening to bbc1 every now and again (better radio station than we have here in germany!) and suddenly i heard this funny song "grace kelly" then i watched the video and a friend of mine lent me "life in cartoon motion" but somehow the album dissappeared from my mp3-player and i don't know how this could happen! so, i'm a bit pissed about this fact...
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