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  1. ^The reason why I didn't even want to try. Only got a few points from two CDs. You could see the way the contest was headed.
  2. Damn, that's crazy. Can't wait to here more though, the prize better be EPIC.
  3. When spring is in the air, I put on my Mika music and feel nostalgic (like today)
  4. EnFa

    Wow. Just wow. CONGRATULATIONS :D :D

  5. Notice how Kick Ass has blood on his knees (header pic)
  6. Thanks to Jools I now find myself listening to Doggie House Boogie! The Dog-part of the show really touched something deep inside of me..
  7. I agree! That's what I meant - kids fall down, get hurt, get up and just run along! Sorry, this is not the lyrics discussion
  8. I know! Damn, I'm stalking this thread damnit! I was just pointing out that god CAN be on your knees! But I think it's like children - children are the ones who have blood (scratches) on their knees.
  9. What do you mean? I've got god on my lap right now! Quite the looker you know
  10. I've changed my mind. F*ck Mika, he doggie doggie doggie housy boogie songs are so worth staying up, missing out on my sleep!
  11. Was there, talked with her - he has an amazing effect on dear Kata
  12. Yeah. It's a bit sad really! I went away for a while without even taking a peek in here.. But then the craze started again with the new album haha! Just too bad it didn't work on everyone!
  13. The whole Kick-Ass single deal is very exciting Everthings fine, I've just felt pretty nostalgic recently and Mika's music, spring and changes goes together in my life it seems!
  14. YOU GOT SERVED Haha! It's just a scarf people.. Got one. Without pompoms.
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