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  1. aww this is sooo horrible! i loved him! im so sad and shocked! i cant believe he threw his life away at 28 when it seemed like he had everything going for him...
  2. haha you guys should all sing his song and people could vote who is the best and then mika the georgie himself could get a chance to see the person who won or the person could get tickets to a concert! now thats a greeeeat idea! too bad i cant sing to save my lifeeee!
  3. aww im sorry that happened to you! i couldnt imagine losing my mika watch..id be crushed! and its totally understandable that you cried! you can cry on my shoulder! i feel for ya hunzzz:thumbdown:
  4. hahahhahaha thats not necesarily a bad thing!! i mean i thought napoleans clothes were rockin:wink2:
  5. haha I LOVE THAT PART!!! "WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE! GOSH" haha this is so crazy! your lucky! see your town has specialness to it that mine will NEVER have! LUCKYYYYYY!
  6. omg! thats so crazy! did they film that in the summer or like when kids were still there? omg were you in it!!!? i heard that that movie had like the longest cast list ever cus it included all the names of the kids from that school!
  7. hahah thats INSANE! i wanna live there! haha i would go to the places where they filmed and make the same movie but with me in it! and it would be totally awesome! see that lil fact about your town makes it sooo much better than mine already!!! haha the only new and exciting thing that happened here is that our crappy old movie theater just got cup holders finally for their seats:bleh:
  8. i got so pissed when mika went on good morning america in nyc! i live six hours from there and my parents refused to let me go and see him!!! this was when i was CRAZY OBSESSED with him..and i can feel the obsession flowing back haha my town in ny sucks tho..its like really tiny..we have suny fredonia college here and its like the only thing we have in our town..ive never been to idaho..dont they like grow potatoes there or something hahahha im sure its just as good as where i live if not better:thumb_yello:
  9. thanks! i feel so bad for being so behind! i used to be a good mika student before this..i wonder what went wrong!?!?! i bought a tama in the meantime though! that ive been ignoring..haha sounds like all good fun on mikas part and of course not all crazys are from utah! all crazyssss are from ny cus there is never any sun to make us happy..we go insane from being in constant darkness and freezing temps...haha do you know when mika is coming back to nyc?
  10. hahaha soooo funny! do you guys wish to fill me in on everything mika in like the last 4 months? hah since i went to soccer camp in the summer i totally fell out of the loop with mika! i even stopped looking up pics and listening to his music nonstop! i know! i cant belive it! my obsession ceased! but today i figured out how to use the voice records thingy on my new phone so i was recording a bunch of queen and the doors songs and thne i was like hey..i should put some mika in here! so i clicked love today and i havent stopped listening since! but now i feel so bad! i have no clue what mika ate for lunch today or did this morning hahhaha so anything new and exciting in the mfc world??..besides the crazys in utah of course:bleh:
  11. yay! i feel like my tama buying is causing a tama awareness on mfc! haha:wink2: nah its all because of mika! does anyone know how to like put it on pause?
  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hellz yea!! our tamagotchis share a bday!! haha lets see how long that lasts:wink2: lol! mines sleeeeeeeeping haha its making me mad cus i want it to distract me from my hw and its being so BORING:biggrin2:
  13. yeah i was gonna get the v4 and didnt know anything about v4.5 so i got the v4 but im kinda wishing i got the v4.5 now cus i think its like a step up! but i am perfectly content with mika right now! haha aww its so cute shes in kindergarten! that explains why shes goin to school with a big smile on her face! hahahaha:biggrin2:
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