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  1. Ive read 10 pages of this thread ! and decided , the only thing i seem to ompletely agree on in this whole forum is to stay out ! so Kata i'm gonna change ure 90% to 100% (4 me !) no offence to anyone- have fun peeps !! ciao !! :biggrin2:
  2. Hmm, neva thought about it that way! *iS tHeRe too MuCh lUrVe 4 mIka ?* cud be true though! mst time i'm just messing around , '*thinks about reality* i'm gona go now ! good night peeps ! x
  3. check out my sig !! No, i get its ure opinion! im just kidding cos i say a lot of the stuff u have mentioned in ure thread:thumb_yello:
  4. yup tis ! which is y , i am completely surprised tith myself for thinking of that laugh, while also thinking of Mika's !! the gorrilaz laugh is funny though !!
  5. lool - yep, the hair is always a thought stopper ! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=01C4RPEinM4&mode=related&search= here u go ! i hope u like it - the laugh is at the very begining ! the gaze ...
  6. lool ! u know that laugh from Dare byt the Gorillaz !! just useless info im sharing !! i just heard it in my hed ! its a really loud laugh ! :insane:
  7. i dont know y ? but i just thouth about and heard the laugh at the begining to Dare by Gorilaz in my hed ! :boxed:
  8. what strikes me, is that he is sooooo genuine !!! soo adorable:wub2:
  9. MMM that sweet sweet smile !! ..o wait , ! i just imagined him giggling and nose scrunching !! welcome space !! yey ! i'm somenonts first club !
  10. lool ! so ure both in ! welcome ! it is refreshing u know !! and yes true sweetness and innocence can even be seen through make up ! that craked me up !
  11. lol !! u r all welcome here ! i've considered all ure pints and thought of changing the title to: OBK (as in , our big kid) or ... what do u think ? xxx:thumb_yello:
  12. oooo yeh !!! i remember this one !!! it was soo sweet !! thankx !
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