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  1. avoid victoria's secret. their bras are C-R-A-P. i too, am still looking for the perfect bra, btw:naughty:
  2. hey!, i just saw that on the view like 2 hours ago:naughty: it's really cute:wub2: i love when he introduces his wife to them.
  3. ooOOOhh the owl things look really cool are these handmade? i would add them but i don't have an account w/ facebook. i only do the myface:wink2:
  4. mee:punk: black& gold is so addictive:mf_lustslow: (got it for free on itunes:thumb_yello:)
  5. i got had a tick in june! it was my 1st and hopefully my last i had to go to the school nurse and everyone that came in the health office would come over and make a comment as she was trying to pull it out.:sneaky2:"ewwwww...aren't you gonna burn it??!" "spray it with hairspray" "that's distgusting!" i ended up having to go to my doctor's clinic and she put me on amoxicillin (which tastes like burnt hair) for ten days just as a precaution. it was a deer tick by the way (got it from lacrosse practice:sneaky2:) hope you feel better!!
  6. . :boing:imagine what future PIXAR movie characters might have been in wall*e:boing: it's like looking in a picture that has a picture that has a picture that has a picture....
  7. i could watch it like a million times and still discover new random toys and little subplots:wub2: i love toy story:blush-anim-cl:
  8. :shocked:i didn't know that that's so... COOL. more reason to buy pixar movies. i wish they weren't part of disney, though. (disney annoys the heck out of me ) hmmm...i'll have to get it when it's available in DVD format and watch it in slow-motion:wink2:
  9. there's a movie coming out in the summer!! but i'm not sure if i should see it. (of course i'll see it, no self control:naughty:) books are always 43089284x better than the movie interpretations:thumbdown:
  10. "There is far too much going on in "WALL-E" to take in during a single sitting; I would have happily watched two or three more times the other night. Some day, there will be college courses devoted to this movie.(i would take that course:naughty:) Kids will love "WALL-E," the robot's epic adventure and his heart-tugging love story. Some adults may be less comfortable, which is fine with me; most great works of art are inherently subversive." New York Post "But through it all, Wall-E never loses its sense of wonder: wonder at life, wonder at the universe, even wonder at the power of computer animation to bring us to worlds we've never seen before. Wall-E is daring and traditional, groundbreaking and familiar, apocalyptic and sentimental — and how often do we get to say that in these dispiriting times?" NPR "That, presumably, could be addressed in a sequel. In the meantime, "Wall-E" pushes an agenda that could, and no doubt will, be interpreted as "green," or ecologically minded. It's a theme that is certainly present, at least as pertains to what forced humanity off the planet in the first place. But in a bigger sense, the picture seems to be making a quiet pitch for taking clear-headed responsibility for the health of the planet as well as one's body and mind. The adages about how you must lie in the bed you make, and you are what you eat, both would seem to apply here. But Stanton, his co-story hatcher Pete Docter, co-scenarist Jim Reardon and the entire Pixar team operate on the principle that entertainment values come first, and they have applied it throughout to sprightly effect." Variety Quotes taken from the always amazing jezebel dot com:wink2: did you know it took 10 years to make it? Pixar
  11. i got both of those on itunes too! I knew about Santogold and liked her music before i got L.E.S Artistes but i only got Great DJ because of the album art:naughty: i like it, though.
  12. :roftl: it's ok i thought about doing the same thing:naughty:
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