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    hahah yes i already realize this place is addictive, because i've been reading several forums and now i'm actuallly posting in them, so i think this is just a little slightly unhealthy but what the heck, it's fun!!!
  2. yeah that's just weird cause at the other concert they were like making you go into 2 different lines one with people with bags another with people just emptying out of their pockets, but i still managed to sneak my camera into the place cause i had a purse and i didnt open the front pocket where i had it hidden because i didnt watn to go to the back of the line and i didnt know they were going to be so anal about it, but i didnt take any pictures or anything so yeah i just didnt want to chance that again with the mika concert, but sadly they really didnt care at all, but you tube makes up for it haha cause basically you can catch like entire concerts of his on there
  3. yeah that's so pointless, but i push back if someone starts pushing me because it's like ok i got this spot first, it's not fair of someone else to try and take it but i swear i dunno it was a fantastic concert regardlesss and like i'm kinda mad cause i didnt take my camera and neither did my sister cause i went to that same place to see this band brand new and they were like nazi crazy about making sure NO ONE had any cameras and they were like strip searching everyone almos haha so i figured we shouldnt chance it again but nope they didnt even check purses or anything i was like whatttttt noooooo so not fair
  4. haha thats really cool! but yeah i was like right up there behind those girls with teh sign and i stayed there the whole time that's the best place to be at a concert i've figured is over off to the side cause you are close up but you dont get pushed out anywhere cause there's no where else to go haha but yeahh that girl kept like hitting on all the body guards it was weird
  5. hahah that's really funny well i didnt think it would get me on film but then it came like right in front of me and there were only a few people standing near me cause iwas right next to the stairs on the right side but yeah the camera was def. like right on me about 4 times it lke was right in front of me and then it went above me i was just like smiling akwardly unlike the other people when it got on them they like were flicking it off or doing stupid stuff but haha yeah and it was cool cause these 2 girls in front of us had this sign that mika took right before he went to change into his dog costume and it said hey what's the big idea it was really cool and omg what about that guy that wouldnt stop dancing and then that girl that finally went up and danced with him , sooo grossss!
  6. so i went to this concert and i'm new to this site but i figured i would mention that i attended this concert and it was amazing, and i would really like to see the filming of the concert because i was standing at the front off to the right and the camera over there that filmed the crowd the whole time def like caught me on camera like 4 or 5 different times it was akward though and it was before mika came out, i have no clue where the camera was after that haha i was too excited but i would like to know if i they show me on camera or not and if i look like a complete dork hahah but if it's just showing on the cw in atlanta then i doubt i'll be seeing it cause i live in south carolina *sigh*
  7. kelsey


    so i actually joined this site a few days ago and i've just been moseying through the forums and ive decided to finally say my hello's since i am a new member. basically i caught mika's video for grace kelly one morning on mtv in my dorm room before class and i was like whoa what is this and i was instantly hooked from then on, and recently i saw mika perform live in atlanta, oh man it was an amazing show, just wow!! but yeah that's about it for now -kelsey
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