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    I am too young to get a job .
  1. I'm gonna get off of mfc for a bit , i dont feel to good,
  2. my name's sara actually , but you can call me that if you want to lol
  3. no , i just got it lol I'm 13 now because me and my friends are going to be breakdancing and skateboarding all summer xD dont ask why i want to breakdance i just do lol
  4. i know lol but not this year i'm probably going to be outside all of the time , which is a good thing
  5. hello! haven't talked since like ....a long time ago xD I know in the summer last year i was on her non stop not much xD i got a guitar...i guess that's it xD my birthday was 6 days ago.......hmmm.....you guys reply too fast for me xD
  6. maybe like 6 months ago xD i haven't been on here since school started
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