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  1. Here's a link, the show 18-08-07 (it's the whole episode)http://www.pczapper.tv/pzc5/lfui/index.php?v=1917041&t=p&m=168429 and here's another link: http://www.pczapper.tv/pzc5/lfui/index.php?v=1917039&t=p&m=168429
  2. are you serious? I missed it, but is there a recurrence??
  3. Do you know some interesting kinds of trivia about Mika? This is a question from Universal in Holland and I haven't much inspiration.. I know much things about Mika, but they aren't VERY interesting, I mean not interesting enough. I was looking for it on the boards but it's easier to open a thread I think.
  4. I also heard Stuck in the Middle, in a music store (in Holland). But the next song was Happy Ending, so it was the CD. Lol
  5. I go every day to his site and I like his messages but when I discover a "negative" message about Mika (what fell under gay, gay, gay) than I hate him lol (sorry for my bad english)
  6. Moontje

    Hi :P

    haha I know and thanks!
  7. Moontje

    Hi :P

    Hi, I'm new This is a test, because my english is VERY bad, I live in the Netherlands and I have 3 years english lessons now. My dictionary lies (?) beside me
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