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    i am a lazy bum :)
  1. hey everyone im sara's(buttnugget040) sister! just wanted to say hi to her friends!
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Miranda! My sister is Sara, a.k.a buttnugget040 . I heard about Mika from my sister , when she was obsessing over him on the computer lol , no jk . I first heard about him when my sister said "Hey Randi , come check this dude out! He's totally awesome ! You will love him! " so my sister pretty much recruited me . And right now my sister is typing out my intro ! lol ! So , hi!
  3. plz that wasn't adult content i am an age u don't need to know and it was not r rated or even pg thirteen ok maybe pg 13 but hey i have heard it all before ... hehe but it was funny
  4. hehehe i look nothing like mika but my big sis does hehe she has the hair and the eyes it is weird how much she looks like him hehe oh yeh and she sing good like him ... don't tell her i complimented her i am mean to her so shhhhhhhh... :cool: :naughty:
  5. oh... i want to hug mika and touch his curly hair... hehe ahhh man i want to meet mika!!!!!!!!!!!!hehe:naughty:
  6. omg have u touched him ahve u hugged him ooohh have u touched his curly hair ...... ?
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