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  1. Aww. It's back to "MGMT." I would die of laughter/happiness if it was called applesauce. Welcome to the thread, fyi. It's like a mini fanclub within a fanclub
  2. Thanks for the report! I'm glad to hear that you had a good time, despite all the hassles. It is a little disappointing that they didn't really try to experiment much with the songs (you know that won't be a problem with MGMT) and that annoying fans got in the way. It's nothing worse when obnoxious people ruin it for everyone else. But still, sounds like a whole lot of fun, and it's like one big warm up for the big MGMT gig still to come.
  3. I saw that. Wonder how it happened. Silly boy.
  4. OK, before we get on topic...they blew out the speakers during the Handshake? my favorite... BUT I can't wait til the third album! It's going to be self titled? MGMT's new album: MGMT. Hmmm. I wonder if they'll actually do that. I hope they get cracking on making it soon. AND I hope they record in Malibu again since Malibu is literally 20 minutes away from my school...
  5. It's on the FFF Fest Facebook Page (FFFFFPage haha) Scroll down and it say they're doing a meet and greet at 5 on Saturday. You should so go and talk to them. They're all so nice.
  6. KIRA. I demand pics. And apparently they're doing a meet and greet. GO MEET THEM.
  7. My god. Great pics. Those are going in my ever growing mgmt pics folder.
  8. Ben and Andrew in makeup...oh my...oh my... James looks...well, high as usual. Matt is totally Shaggy. So perfect. And Will in a blonde wig...so cute.
  9. Actually. Clare and I want to do the same thing next time. It's a great idea. We wouldn't even put it in an envelope, to show we're not trying to hide something or put something nasty inside. Just a short sweet note to truly express our gratitude. It's a great idea. I'll talk to Clare and see if she wants to include anything or if we want to wait until we see them next. Thank you so much for offering to let us include stuff; this is your personal experience after all. It's all about you. I love that interview and how they refer to them as Mr. VanWyngarden and Mr. Goldwasser. So cute. "Cavorting wth groupies and acting debaucherous" = having fun and playing around with groupies and acting overly crazy "Furniture and desgin buff" = someone who's deeply interested in furniture and home design. "buff" is slang for a big fan of something. We could be called "MGMT buffs."
  10. HA. Indeed it is. I would love to. I'd love to write an MGMT book. Haha, yeah. It's just a teeny bit shorter than the other one. And by shorter, I mean one page. It's 23 pages long on Microsoft word...not double spaced. Aww, thank you so much. I had a blast reliving it while writing it. I wish you ALL could have been there. Wouldn't that be a dream? All of us at an MGMT gig... That part I bolded pretty much made my day. I would only hope that's what he was thinking. Thanks for reading it. I'm glad you liked it. You all make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. huglove:
  11. https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1QrQpXNqpBjXBSfIjFjE3Mh07bVmX85W_aLEPoFtUYIA It's really long again...
  12. Brittany I miss you. And our adventures. That boy needs to get his skinny bum back here just so we can have a mass reunion!
  13. One year? Really? It feels like just yesterday...le sigh...what a night. WHAT a night that was....
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