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  1. hi im going to one of mika's concert in the us in february and im soooo excited. i just have a question: where should i wait/go after the concert to meet him??? im sooooo excited... thanks!
  2. oh and anyother question after the show where do you go to meet mika! and do u need a special pass to do that??? thanks so much <3
  3. omg omgomgmgogmomogmgomomgogmomgomog mika is coming to ny. and a bunch of other us cities check it out at mikasounds.com/us and go to tour so it says tix are on sale dec 14... but where can i buy them then? ticketmaster? answers would be appreciated! thank you and im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. heyy. does anyone have a really good mika desktop background? i would really appreciate it what else to brighten up your day than turning on your computer and see mika staring into your eyes hehe i have this one now but im growing a little bit tired of it. thanks! xoxo
  5. haha... weird shes ok, but not even close to mika's awesomeness and she starts singing something else in the middle?
  6. mika's lollipop was played on the tw show aliens in america (mondays at cw11 in usa)... i got so excited! does anyone else watch it?
  7. hi... i was wondering if anyone knew if "mica penniman" on facebook is the real mika? (btw his pic is of him holding some bananas and a monkey lol)... pls dont start lecturing me, im not gonna start sending him obsessive msgs or anything, i just wanted to know if anyone knows.... thanks
  8. where can i mail a letter to mika? does he have like a fan club or an adress? thank you!
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