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  1. Hey there long time no speak! are you still ok to do this , we get heappsss of newbies these days


    yep I would still like to this, will try to pop in more often!

    Good to hear lots of newbies are still joining


  2. Yes, we did wonder what had happened to you. We have been looking out for the newbies in your absence :naughty:


    I try to drop in from time to time but you know how life seems to get in the way!

    Thanks for taking care of the newbies when I'm not here! :thumb_yello:

  3. Stephanie!! Long time no see (or whatever :naughty:)


    How have you been?


    I added you as a friend :bleh:


    Im good, bored still have no job:thumbdown: but i have some itnterviews lined up so we ll see!



    How are you? good i hope! Oh and thanks for adding me as friends, wow i have 2 friends!:naughty:

  4. Haha guess not here I am xD

    Nah actually im not really a newbie. I made an account 5 months ago or something, and after that i didnt really use it. and now i start again :naughty:

    So call me a fake newbie.




    A fake newbie, huuummm.......... yep i like it!

    Welcome all newbies and fake newbies!:thumb_yello:

  5. *sigh*


    Long story - when we were campaigning to be the official Mika fan club I changed my user title to "Not an official fan" and then as it dragged on to "STILL not an official fan". And although Mika now owns our site, I have said I won't change it until the MFC is publicly acknowledged as the official fan club.


    :naughty: I like the 'still not official thing'!:roftl:

  6. Nice contribution Stephanie :naughty:

    I hope I'll be able to sleep tonight with all these fascinating thought provoking facts looming around my head :naughty:


    I wondered where you were...


    See dont say i dont ever tell you anything usefull.


    I had to tell someone, that important information has been going round and round in my head, feel much better now.:bleh: And where better to post it but in here, i knew its randomness would be appreciated.:naughty:

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