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  1. Joyeux anniversaire Stéphanie !

    Comme toi, je m'appelle Stéphanie et je suis une grande fan de Mika !

  2. Hey! Thanks for accepting!

  3. I'm new, I'm from Indonesia... and please, please help me... I really don't know what to do, or what to say...I'm completely lost!

  4. yep I would still like to this, will try to pop in more often! Good to hear lots of newbies are still joining
  5. I try to drop in from time to time but you know how life seems to get in the way! Thanks for taking care of the newbies when I'm not here!
  6. Wow I haven't been here for a long time! Hello to everyone I ve missed! x:thumb_yello:
  7. hey as i said im newbie and i have one worry: will i ever be able to delete my account again? not that i want to but my parents dont know about this and they could get very angry if they found out :fisch:

  8. Question; Is there anyone from Chile?

  9. Hello, I´m a newbaby from Chile, i´M learning jojojo , Regards!!!

  10. HEy Im newbie whatzup? :naughty:

  11. Hello newbies! Havent been in here for a while but have just enjoyed catching up
  12. Just came to say hi !!


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