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  1. You got 100% of the questions correct Total questions: 10 Congratulations! You’re a hellomagazine.com quiz champion!
  2. does anyone know when/if mika is coming to australia if you do can you please tell me?
  3. some people say mika needs glasses and some people say they are just 4 show does anyone know if he does or not? if you do please tell me
  4. does anyone have any piano chords to any of mikas songs? if you do can you please share them!
  5. hey i think mika might have his ear peirced cause in some photos it wooks like he does but i have never seen a photo of him with an ear ring in if you have seen a photo please show me as i would love to see them
  6. hey does anyone know where to find the interview of mika.at the start mika puts on his glasses and at the end they show him his laughing ring tone and then he starts laughing saying that it is cool. in the middle they ask him a question about grace kelly. if anyone knows where to find this can you please tell me.
  7. hey does anyone have any photos of mika wearing glasses??? if you do please post them as i would love to see them
  8. hey i think mika does wear glasses because i found a foto of him wearing glasses
  9. hey mika wat r ur brothers and sisters names nd how old r they
  10. hay does mika wear glasses or r they sunglasses because i found a foto nd it looks like hes wearing glasses???????
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