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  1. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Ladyyyy.... I can see that you've actually been here this year! :das:  (OMGTHESMILEYSTILLEXISTS!)

    1. silver


      Petra! :shocked:  Is that really you?

  2. Yes, exactly, I am a massive bulk shopper usually! They have just re-opened delivery and click and collect shopping here, but luckily before then I qualified as "priority" for being pregnant/having a newborn, so we haven't been inside a shop in more than a month! And on that note - here is that newborn: Bryn (not putting the rest of his name because I'm not sure how open this forum is anymore) was born on Saturday 11th April at 9.25pm. He is already long like his mother, 55 cm and 3480 g at birth. The dogs have been very interested in him, especially Willow, but also suitably gentle. We've made exactly two excursions outside since coming home (to walk around the block with the doggos) and he has only met his extended family through the living room window at this stage. It's a weird time to be born in, but I'm reasonably happy to have an excuse to just hide away and wear pyjamas all day every day
  3. Thanks Silver Hello from my two idiots: Who actually made it to a gig in the end? It looks like only about three of us? It sounds like they were still well attended - do we know if the shows were sold out? I don't understand how. I have been trying to buy his last CD but no where sells any Mika CDs anymore. There is no Mika section at JB Hifi?
  4. Four shows in our neck of the woods and three in Australia. What has the world come to? I can't go to any of them because I won't be able to fly in February For the last few weeks we have actually become a bit of a Mika household by chance - John started listening to my Mika CDs, we even just went out and bought the new one!
  5. Thanks Silver! Ambrose and Zen are twins! Ambrose had surgery to repair a skin tear in the same area. He also has fat lumps everywhere and he has another little shaved patch on his chest where he had a biopsy of one of them. His hair was shaved over 4 months ago and still hasn't grown back properly! Just a fuzzy undercoat has come back. I guess this is just what he looks like now. Willow had her belly shaved 3 months ago for her desexing and it grew back fully within a month? The hair length difference isn't as dramatic as it is for your doggos though!
  6. Happy birthday for last week Tegan! Hello everyone! Looks like the thread has been its lively self since I last visited How is everyone going? How are your doggos Silver? I will always welcome photos! In my news, we got a new dog a few months ago - Willow, a presumed greyhound cross, probably greyhound cross dingo? I can now relate to your comments about living with two dogs, Silver, and I regret everything. She is young (1 or 2 years?) and sooo much more energetic than Ambrose. She has a 'too much' gene and doesn't understand that Ambrose is an old man who doesn't want to play with her 24/7. But she is also an adorable cuddle monster and I love her very much. She is convinced that she is a lap dog, depsite having extremely long legs and pointy elbows and ankles. **commencing dog spam** And then in other news, this thing is growing in me and will also be joining our family in April next year
  7. I love the reindog, Silver I had no idea there were such a thing as "Mika pens" Several years ago I was all about the Frixion pens, but then I realised that in heat (ie. left in a car) the writing of Frixion pens on paper disappears, permanently! So then I moved to Stabillo fineliners, but then I spilt a glass of water on my notes and the writing disappeared again! Now I exclusively use Sharpie fineliner pens, they are 100% waterproof and car-proof. But John HATES the Sharpie fineliner pens, and he exclusively uses a particular style of Uni-Ball pens (which I hate), and we both refuse to even write a shopping list or scribbled note with each other's pens "I need a pen! Why can't I find a pen!!?" "There's three pens right here!" "NO, I need one of MY pens!" This has been a condensed history of the pens in my household (with illustration). You are welcome We watched Bohemian Rhapsody (the movie) and went into a bit of a "Queen phase" afterwards, bought the 3 disc "Queen greatest hits" album and listened to it non-stop for a few weeks. With so many Queen songs I am struck by how it could just be Mika singing. Crazy. Obviously mostly a different style of music, but they just have the same voice
  8. I follow many, many facebook pages just to giggle at the kinds of things people post there ???
  9. I love the soggy doggos Silver and congratulations on the new baby Tegan! I've been following your pictures on Instagram as well, he and Sam are very cute I was watching a show on Netflix yesterday, "Restoration Australia", and there was an episode set in Orange which painted a picture of a town full of people with a little too much time on their hands Do you have any input for the possibly-Banjo-Paterson's-birth-house-but-also-probably-not debate?
  10. Yesterday I discovered a new album and it's all I've been listening to on repeat since yesterday because I quite like it. It's called "No Place in Heaven" by some guy called Mika. Maybe you've heard of it, apparently it came out in 2015? I like your new house and garden Silver, and congrats on the upcoming new baby Tegan!
  11. Ah, of course. Does Countdown also sponsor Mika?
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