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  1. Happy Birthday :flowers2:



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    2. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Happy birthday Joelle!!!! @carafon My best wishes :thumb_yello:

      I just have found time today to read the Forum and I can see it's your birthday.

      And you know, today is Internationa Cats Day as well. So you can celebrate with  you babies :flowers2:



    3. carafon


      Thank you anna 

      Didn't know the official international cat's day is today …..because it's basicaly everyday in my house :naughty:

    4. sara09


      Happy birthday! :D

  2. silver

    Mika scarf

    Nice topic!
  3. Any chance of a translation? What does he say about Brexit?
  4. Happy Birthday Lu :happybday:



  5. Congratulations, Elena :huglove:


    (Never to early to start listening to Mika :teehee: )

  6. Has your brother made it back from Mount Isa, Tegan? We saw all the floods around Townsville on the news, I bet the clean-up operation is going to take forever. In other news, Mika has said he will be touring Asia, Europe and the US, but no mention of Australia or South America BUT he has said he will be doing small venues so maybe he might be lured across for a gig or two. And he was in a recording studio today
  7. silver

    Eurovision 2019

    For some reason the UK song makes me think of this
  8. silver

    Eurovision 2019

    Well, the UK entry has been chosen, it's Michael Rice's performance of the song I liked, Bigger Than Us. Can't see it doing much in the competition though
  9. silver

    Mika's Rising Sign

    Ah, it's good to have his rising sign confirmed. The chart looks pretty accurate to me, but I'm not so sure about the interpretation of it - it reads like a computer generated profile rather than one an astrologer would produce.
  10. Happy Birthday :flowers2:



    1. sara09


      Thank you very much! :flowers2:

  11. € 59.00 for a T-shirt?? Some people have too much money (and swearing in French is still swearing, don't forget this is an international forum)