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  1. ack I'm so sorry, I only have enough time to come on here and tell you guys that I can't write anymore today!!!! i'm sure you guys just can't wait to hear the rest of my story hugs!
  2. Well, I'm still waiting for Andrew to e-mail me instructions on how I can send you the lollipop video without making the quality any worse, although I have to tell you, i did a terrible job >.< I actually barely took any pictures, mostly video, and I'll post those as soon as I can
  3. And then the one thing about the concert I knew... the taking off the shirt moment... And he was up on the drum set, moving his hips side to side And the crowd was going crazy. The duel was fun, everyone was cheering like crazy. Again, the energy of this concert was AMAZING He then told us about how he was going to go and work on the second album soon, and then he started Grace Kelly. I remember he knocked on the bass guitar at the begining, and then he said "I want to talk to you" in such a sexy way, my heart just melted. And the crowd sang along the whole time. He went up on his M, and sang up on there too, and the song totally took me back to when I first fell in love with him... and at the end he had us all do jazzy shimmer hands, and then he went "Ching" and held out the mic to us to say "guh" I guess, that's what it sounded like most people were saying. He built that up and then he did his "Ka-Chiinnnnnnnguh!" And then he said "Thank you Vancouver!!! You've been great!" And then the Teddy Bear Picnic, which was really cute, except for one part in the middle where I was like ehem.... And then Lollipop!!!! I tried to film the whole thing for you lollipop_monkey/Mana, but it was just so crazy! and I was doing that, and that's when I notice the audience on stage, and before I have time to realize what's happening, Mika has dissapeared into the crowd, and I was worried for him, but you could still hear him singing, and then he ends it with another "Thank you Vancouver, You've been Brilliant!" and there are big balloons everywhere, and confetti, and it's sooooooo awesome. I'll be back later to write about the after concert experience
  4. Happy Ending was next, and during this song, I remember being able to think, and realizing how lucky I was to be there, watching and listening to him. He seemed a bit unhappy about something though, he kept on adjusting his ear piece. And then, Omg Omg, it was Love Today. Again, because I had left everything to be a complete surprise, I was blown away by the beauty of the beginning of this song. It was all dark, and I could see something falling from the ceiling unto the stage, and the music was beautiful with the guitar, and then he comes on, and then when he starts singing that one note, a spotlight comes on him, and he's standing there with his white umbrella, and his voice is sooooooo beautiful. Omg. sooooo eeeerie and goosebumpy. And Grey Skelly? What I would have given to be Grey Skelly when he hugged it, and rub his back?! It was a around the neck hug too, CUTE!!!! And he touches its face as it leaves... And then when he starts to sing the song, all slow and beautiful... And then the beat picks up, and the crowd went craaazy, and singing along, and dancing, and he just jumped and ran and danced around on the stage... "Love love me!!!!"
  5. I really liked Stuck in the Middle. It was faster than the recording, and it looked like he had to try sooo hard not to jump away from the piano and dance and jump around while he was singing LOL. There was this one time, he was standing and playing, and he was swinging he hips side to side... :mf_lustslow: And then he did the whole repeat after me thing, which was sooo much fun, but he wasn't really impressed with us And then Saranayde did her solo bit, and it was soo awesome. Have I mentioned that I love her? She's sooo talented. Mika's sooo lucky to have found her for his shows. Does anyone know if she does any solo work? I especially like the huge bow on her butt that flopped up and down everytime she swung her hips up And then Mika came back on and they did Missionary Man, which again, I hadn't heard, and it was so fun, Mika jumped up and down a lot. And then he relaxed against his M at one point and looked bored while Saranayde sang Sigh. I loved his jumping aroundness I'll be back in 30 mins for the rest
  6. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the conert was almost cancelled?! I'm glad they found another drummer. I feel soooo sorry for people who've had to go through the experience of having a show cancelled. And then they did Holy Johnny, which I had never heard before, and it was really funny, with the washboard and stuff. It was in those moments, when he wasn't singing, that I came back to the "omg I can't believe I'm watching Mika live" Cuz he wasn't just a performer in those moments, and it made me realize that he actually was some kind of a normal person (well, not really just any person, but you know...) He has such a beautiful smile. And I love the way he talks. Then he sang Any Other World, and it was soooo beautiful. Sigh. And apparently he was sick or something? I don't understand how they do it. Ring Ring, one of my fave songs, was sooooo much fun. I loved it when he swung the mic, although I was worried it might fly off and hit someone in the head. And then in the end he did the whole sideways dive thing... (bringing his arms over his head and tilting sideways...) HMDYLM was soooo cool. I really liked it. Again, I hadn't heard it yet. Everytime he sang "how much do you love me", I wanted to scream out some sort of "an infinity!!!" to him, but he wouldn't have heard me anyway.
  7. Next was Big Girl and a couple people have already mentioned the bit at the begining. It was so funny when he accused the guy of cheering along. Sigh. He's soooooooooo lovely. He held the mike out to us a couple times, and it was all soooo fun. And then that huge inflatable thing came up, and at one point he pulled it down to himself while he was singing. And then the dancers came on, and I was amazed at how no one tripped or anything. Being up on stage in front of all those people, and being up on stage with Mika, I would have either fainted or tripped or something. But everything went wonderfully. Next was My Interpretation, and everyone sat down for that one, except these two girls two rows ahead of me stood up, so I couldn't see anything, so eventually everyone behind those two had to stand up to watch Mika, and I was annoyed a bit, and felt bad for the people behind me who might not have wanted to stand up. And then before he sang Billy Brown, he told us the story of how they didn't want to release it in North America, and I loved it when he said "Fck that!" Sigh. Swearing sounded so beautiful coming out of his mouth, although I remember being concerned for the little kids hearing it, although these days, I guess it's not such a big word anymore.
  8. OK. Then it was time for Mika to come on. I hadn't read anyones reports and hadn't watched any youtube video's of his concerts, because I had wanted to keep it all a surprise, so I had no clue what was happening at the concert. The lights dimmed, and to my surprise, the big blue round thing in the middle of the stage popped, and I watched a beautiful angel dance. At this point, I don't even know what it was I was feeling, but I guess it was the disbelief that I was going to be watching Mika on stage Live. No more videos or pictures of him on the screen, this was going to be the real thing... I was sooooooo nervous. And then the music started for Relax... we all went crazy. I couldn't believe it was happening. So he was standing there, on the stage, and we couldn't really see him. And then when he started singing, some lights came on behind him, and we could see his silhouette. And he was just standing there, singing, and then when he started to sing "relax, take it easy..." the lights came on, he started dancing around, and I got my first look at him in the real-lifeness that was on stage, and it felt so unreal, like I was just watching another video of him, except not, because he was there, up on the stage, with his beautiful hair and his movements, and his face!!! OMG OMG OMG. It's been two days, and I'm still all spazzy. At one point he did this crazy yell, and everyone went crazy, and we all started singing along with him. So much energy...
  9. I belive it was lilmot who gave me a flashing heart while we were still standing outside (Thank you!!!!) I get in "line" with canuckchick to get a shirt, and eventually (took almost an hour) got to the front, only to learn that all the good sizes had sold out. I bought a black Mika shirt, and I was scared it wasn't going to fit me, as the medium size still looked very very small (but it does fit! yay). Because lollipop_monkey had left us, I got to sit with StandardToaster in row 11 left centre instead of my own seat, which was row 16 all the way to the very left (Thanks again!!!) I realized that it was going to be very uncomfortable sitting with my puffy coat and umbrella and bag, so I went to the coat check, and the opening band had just started as I made my way back to my seat. Midway State was amazing live. I thought that I didn't really like them (I listened to their songs online), but I changed my mind halfway through their first song. I think it was during their second song that I couldn't find my camera... I panicked, it was terrible. I was trying hard to remember where I could have lost it, and left to see if I had taken it out of my purse at the coat check and forgotten it there. Two seconds later StandardToaster comes after me, having found my camera on my seat I'm so glad I didn't lose the camera, cuz I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the concert as much knowing that I had lost my mom's semi-new camera. I didn't bother leaving my seat after Midway state finished, I was too excited for Mika. StandardToaster told me that Mika chose the songs they played during the wait himself, which I thought was totally awesome
  10. So we all start walking towards the Orpheum, and I remember someone saying how they were glad to finally use an umbrella? Haha... obviously I was the only person in that group that was from Vancouver. We got quite a lot of bewildered looks from people walking by, because Suzanne was dressed to impress. Her outfit was fanstastical. oh right... and the fact that ever once in a while someone gave off a really loud "yeppeeee!!!!! I kept on having mini spaz attacks as we were walking, and I remember telling Canuckchick that I had better calm myself before I pulled a muscle in my neck or something Somehow we got separated as we reached the orpheum, and I hung out with Canuckchick and her man, and I remember seeing StandardToaster and lollipop_monkey off in the corner, and lollipop_monkey talking on the phone (i didn't know at this point that she was to be a lollipop girl ) Omg. When I saw the table set up inside the orpheum with all the Mika merch, my excitement level went up again. I mean, even though it was a bunch of shirts and posters, the fact that I had been looking at them online and then seeing them in real life, it was the first step of what was coming, which was to see Mika in real life So we figure out that there's actually a line up, so we get in line, just before the line becomes really crowded. And then StandardToaster joins us, and that's when I learn that she has left us to prepare for her role as a lollipop girl Eventually, the other MFCers join us, and at around 7 they open the doors and we all walk in.
  11. Ok... here I go: I couldn't believe that it was finally the day of Mika's concert... and yet, somehow, I kept on forgetting about it when I was at school (maybe my brain was trying to protect itself from exploding ) Once, one of my friends asked me if I was excited about that night, and I just sort of looked at her blankly and said "excited for what?" and then suddenly it hit me like a huge tsunami and I couldn't believe that I had forgotten what a special day it was... and then I went back to being all crazy and excited, while my classmates just looked at me, probably thinking that I was a psycho:thumb_yello: . I will have to slowly convert them all eventually. So while I was on the bus to meet up with the fantastical MFCers, I had to try real hard not to freak people out by grinning to myself while I was listening to Mika on my Ipod. I eventually get to Earls (at around 5:30), and I'm told that the table reserved under Suzanne's name was all the way in the back... so I make my way in the direction she pointed, and the first thing I see is someone with a bright red/pink wig with horns on it. hahahahaha, I'm all nervous at this point, and I reach the table and asked if it was Suzanne's table. And everyone just looked so excited and happy, and I was sooo glad that I was going to be with them before the show. I grab a seat beside StandardToaster, and I can't even really remember much after that point except that I was sooo happy to be meeting everyone and that we were all going to be seeing Mika in a couple hours.a Oooh, but I do remember seeing the amazing umbrella as I was sitting down. It was cool to finally see the amazing umbrella, in the flesh... uh, well, in the plastic? Thanks to Stormy Weather and Suzanne for the lovely gifts <3 We all took a bunch of photos of eachother (which reminds me that we never did take a group photo ) and then got ready to leave...
  12. Hi everyone first off, MANA, your report made my experiences from yesterday 1000 times better. I'm so happy that I got to meet you and everyone else. I don't know if you guys would want a report from my experience, as I am not really good at writing about my experiences... but, I will try, and I will write it all out before I come on here to post it so I don't end up leaving half-way through. But that also means I won't be posting again for another 5 hours or so, because I have to go to work soon. I'm soooo glad I lost my Mika virginity... heehee I can totally understand now why people go to another country to see him perform.
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    MIKA in Vancouver, BC at the Orpheum

    OMG The whole day, I'm all busy with school, so i don't really have time to realize, but HOLY GOODNESS!!! I can't believe it's almost friday!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shocked: :shocked:
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    The Canadian Thread --> Part 2 !