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  1. holy long time ago batman! i feel ive gone far too long without getting on here... silly me!
  2. k, i know there is something up now a days, its like the age of the vampires or whatever, but, i was looking for another novel to read after i finished all the harry potters. i tried reading the twilight novels but.. i couldnt get past the 3rd one.. it kind bored me. (sorry if you like twilight) so.. i waited, hoping to find a good story. and then i did. VAMPIRE ACADEMY!!! by richelle mead. if you have never heard or read the books you should. they are really good. and i was hook when i read the first chapter. she has 5 of them out and is working on the 6th. it does have a love story to it, but it goes beond that, there is a strong friendship bond. and its about this girl's journey in her life. i really like them and i wanted to share my love for them with all of you so check it out if you want. thanks for listening if you read it
  3. my best friend loves tegan and sara, and i keep telling her and myself that im going to listen to them one day. but i never do. im going to go do that right now
  4. it's kinda a thread.. but it's dieing slowly lol
  5. holy poop i forgot about this thread lol
  6. i wanted to see what other ppl's views about it were. wether or not i was the only potter fanatic lol
  7. ive seen twilight so far, and it's good but new moon. they say it's way better.. idk yet i havnt seen it. hp 6.. idk.. it was ok,, they left out alot of stuff.. they should have put in dumbledor's funaral.. but hopefully the last two movies will take the cake
  8. you know, no one on here ever remembers my birthday lol maybe i should get on more lol im gonna work on the 3rd part of the story... finally lol
  9. ive never read it before. thanks for posting it
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