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  1. Thank you MelodicFreak :)

  2. Welcome to the club ;D
  3. And I'm very happy that you did
  4. Hi Welcome to the club ;D
  5. My turn to wish you a Happy Birthday :naughty:



  6. MelodicFreak


    Hi What's your name? Welcome to the club
  7. Hi! Your English is pretty good, by the way. AND I like rock music too Welcome to the club
  8. Hi! Well, we get to connect with some of the best people in the world, if you're asking me! Welcome to the club
  9. Ciao Alice Welcome to the club
  10. Hi! It's nice to see someone from Asia who joins this club every once in a while. I'm from Vietnam, so we're neighbors! Welcome to the club PS: I'm also studying French, so maybe we can be study buddies?
  11. Hi Steve! Welcome to the club
  12. Hi Manon Your English is great, so don't you worry ;D Welcome to the club
  13. Hi Marta Your English is fineee Welcome the the club
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