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  1. okay i understand you believe your friend, though its a matter of subjectivity. i have two friends who are grammarians, one is a linguist and 2 are writers, emerald and nicki referred to me as a con/ne (you can translate litterally by cun.t) and not in a friendly way in this case, everyone agrees...chopotte told me to take a treatment, referring to mental illness...which to me is something above any kind of insult, but yes maybe im sensitive. especially towards jokes about mental illness since i really dont think its funny and sensitive towards any kind of injustice. now this is really closed, i cant stay here any longer being bullied when i just basically came to give a linguistic opinion on something. this is all very sad and abnormal for such a kind of forum. end of the story. so long.
  2. emerald used the singular LA/LE CON(CONNE) and mentionned me and you laughed= agreed only a fool would deny this evidence. but lets move on, lets not care someone have been insulted:thumb_yello:
  3. yes it is going to far. all i want is coherence. its a forum about a singer , yes, it doesnt stop in any case people to be mean. and if you were joking by saying " dont forget to take your treatment" then i didnt get the joke.
  4. why are you always referring to the past?? cant you just move on?? you would get an infraction for provoking me /as you admitted in the french thread) and for calling me con or conne (since you hesitated) someone evne asked if i was a transgenre referring to the fact that emerald and you didnt no to use con or conne in the feminine or the masculine... Originally Posted by Nicki27 Tiens t'as vu c'est la pleine lune ou quoi, les con(ne)s sont de sortie Originally Posted by Emerald Le/a con/ne dont tu parles, je le/a connais pas assez, mais il/elle m'a déjà trop saoulé dans le topique "athées" et je suis franchement pas sûre de l'aimer beaucoup... Originally Posted by Nicki27 Lol. Crois moi tu n'es pas la seule je pense.
  5. a personal version?lol, and you are a personal friend of niki, need i say more.... you never saw me before? well i used to go there from time to time though rarely i admit, i read it yesterday and the day before , but hey are you asking for a justification here?? the right to read something public on the net, is that waht you call stalking?? because if thats what you call stalking i have much better examples of that word here...
  6. what i did or not in the past, is past and you are the one who is talking about moving on???how ironic. i came back here after a long time, to participate to a linguistic question, with no other intention than saying what i knew and sharing it and then...look what happened and thats all your fault because you took a general line personally. now you just tell them the truth about emerald and you because you know it was mean , just like the FYI stuff you did to provoke me as you admitted it. i dont see why i got warning in the past and not you today with all you ve done. thats all.
  7. im the person they were referring to, the one from the atheist thread, not because it doesnt have my name...oh god its so clear...is there anyone who speak french who could testify here for heavensake!!!the way they were talking about me especially emerald was really mean. and yes, the pms , im not the only one who should use them. i wanted to be transparent, thats all.
  8. i think you are being paranoid with the linguistic post, i (if you reread it, was talking about people who are mad about not making a single orthography fault,and i called them mean donkey because othography is called the science of the donkey.... as for con and conne, we obviously dont agree once more, a debate was going on like 2 weeks ago on a linguistic place about the use of the insult con and another word that i cant mention here, even in french, a word usually given to gay people but that people use very commonly like they use con very commonly too...it was about making a law for the last one etc. but the whole thing would be too long and no one cares here anyway,,,all i am saying is that we again dont agree...when emerald told you what she told you you just commented it as it was well heard that it was the insult and not just some random words... as for chopotte, it has nothing to do with you, she insulted me, i commented her, nothing more. i mentionned i read the french thread and you imply all those things and you said you add a little "pique " and it made you laugh etc and con IS NOT TROLL!!! definitely not, bad faith wont leave you.
  9. well since its not an insult here fo anyone, im not insulting you. everyone agreed it was a nice word. i decided to use it, just like you all...
  10. WOW , to be careful to take my treatment??? and you add a wink smiley to pretend its a joke??? i get why you are a friend of niki now... im in the right thread i think, look at that dcdeb and dont tell me that anyone who tells you " dont forget to take your medication "is not insulting you, dare to say it!! ouais, en fait t´es vraiment une conne et surtout n´oublie pas ton antirides ce soir
  11. shakespeare in progress!! beautiful! i dunno maybe your ennemies would simply call you ...conne
  12. she really did and everybody knows it, turn the page? no because you see when someone misinterpret what i say here i get a warning, and i never in sult anyone...now this nicki call me names , emerald says that i piss her off and they would get away with no warnings??? im just asking for some coherence, thats all, now maybe you like to be insulted, pauvre conne!! (mais c gentil hein!!), right?
  13. mwahahahahaha!!! which one are you?? the infectious little dwarf???lol EDIT: oh and chopotte, any insult can be the cutest word when used in a familar context...but since nicki and i are not friends, it wasnt the friendly meaning i guess... but if you all disagree, from now on i will all call you conne ...okay? donc c´est okay, t´es vraiment qu´une conne dcdeb if you agree with them, okay i will use conne from now on.
  14. LMFAO mean donkey is hilarious , i like infectious dwarf as well
  15. she didnt write down my name, thats all she didnt do...and thats always what she does so she is safe... she is that honest. just some days before she did the same , referring to identical twin, without calling her names though...someone called emerald clearly mentionned me , she said " i dont really no the **** you are talking about but she already pissed me off in the atheist thread and i really think i dont like her a lot " then nicki said "your not the only one", so they were not talking about me?i am being too sensitive? oh and i dont remember who said that but conne really came from the word con, in french, and honestly dcdeb, will you trust an online translator better than a french native speaker??? you asked some people here? who? nikkii´s friends? ask grammarians or linguists instead please if you dont believe me, a **** is a con, thats the way things are. PLUS when i said she was mean and ignorant, she was, she edited her own post in order to provoke me by referring to an old personal anecdote that not many people know abot and you know what? she even admitted it in the french thread, she said she did it because i had been insulted her,when i only talked about linguistic...she wanted to prove a girl that she was wrong when she was wrong herself...thast why i commented...its very common that people talk behind people´s back in another language thread, like they did with sariflor the other day...everything is implied , most of the time... so now deb , if you still believe its all in my head when its written black on orange...go ahead.
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