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  1. so i just realized its been quite some time since i wrote on Humphreys status, i sent him saturday the 13th, i tried earlier but due to the post office closing at 4 and my swim practice ending at 4:30, i had some trouble but he was just sent! so i hope he arrives soon and safely!
  2. im trying very hard to get a new address to send him to but no one is answering my pm's and i really feel bad having him this long, i want to send him but i dont know where....HELP PLEASE
  3. i have been ready to send humphrey for quite some time now but im having a hard time finding the address of the next person on the list, what should i do???
  4. HUMPHREY'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i found him on my doorstep waiting for me when i got home i am so excited to play with him! we are gonna have so much fun!
  5. last i heard Lucy told me that he was sent back to her address for some reason and then i told her my address again (cause she didnt save the pm and i also wanted to be sure that i typed it correctly) she then told me that she had re-sent it im expecting him to arrive any day now...im just really worried hes been lost in the mail again:crybaby:
  6. i was told by LUCY that Humphrey had been mailed to me 2 weeks ago but i have not recieved him yet... IM REALLY WORRIED ABOUT HIM:huh:
  7. HAVE HIS SON...it would be wrong if i wanted to have chicken with my dad lol and if i have his son that means i need to have some contact with Mika even if we're not together anymore, and i think Mika would be a GREAT father
  8. i guess stop the blogs cause im completly obsessed with them and if the album isnt released for another year i might die!!! wyr mika have concerts where you live almost everynight but never be able to go (TORTURE) or mika NEVER have a concert near where you live
  9. havnt been on this thread in a while but im up for some nice wyr's wyr be mika for a month or make sweet chicken with him once
  10. WYR become completly paralized mika go crazy and become a hobbit and live in a cave somewhere and never be heard from again
  11. WHEN DID HE STRAIGHTEN HIS HAIR?!?!?! I must see pictures!!!!! Oh and someone said they had a pic of him eating ice cream...I def wanna see that one too
  12. WYR never see Mika again become blind but only be able to see mika
  13. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE OVERBOARD ONES!! "Ok, I have some new WYRs brace yourself...... WYR: have Mika wiggle his golden stick/rubber chicken in front of your face for 30 seconds bare naked or you wiggle/shake your boobs (if your a girl) in front of his face for 30 seconds bare naked WYR: strip naked for Mika infront of him with guys in monkey suits or have Mika strip naked for you infront of him with people dressed up as golden sticks/rubber chickens I told you to brace yourself...love ya answer them hope there not to....EXCITING" I play WYR everyday and i never get that intense:naughty:...and there are worse ones than that in this thread somewhere...
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