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  1. Hiya!!! How are ya???

  2. I forgot about those news :(:naughty:

  3. Wow! You have tons of things to do............

    Well, my week is not gonna be that busy. The only things I must do is going to "work", will see Harry Potter 6 tonight with my sisters and a few friends, and tomorrow night will go to watch HP7. Then............. time will say!

  4. ok, I will pm you about my date after you PM me about the other news that you have, you never told me and I am very very curious now!!! hehehe ;)

  5. well so far I have rehersals for the rest of the week, but not tonight so I am going over to a boys house for a date :), I have some meetings for a group project and I get to see a show on Saturday night, studying on Sunday and then going home on Tuesday night for Thanksgiving!!! I'm very excited, what are your plans for the rest of the week?

  6. Thanks :huglove:


    Ok, pm about the date, want to know all the details :das:

  7. SAme here, my weeks are crazy lately :D

    Im so much better now, thanks!

    So, what are your plans for the week???

  8. I'm just happy that it is now the weekend and I dont have to worry about too much schoolwork now, and I really hope you are feeling better!

  9. ok well first of all you are beautiful :naughty: and I love your nose ring!!! Second yes a date :blush-anim-cl: hehe, I'll tell you more about it when you PM me!

  10. Sorry about the schoolwork, thats a pitty...........

    Well, I was feeling so sick! And I cant skip those, so...........

  11. I got something :D



  12. I googled, look nice :D


    Oh date? :das:


    I also have another news, gonna pm you ;)

  13. I'm good, lots of schoolwork :( too much schoolwork actually! hahaha, why did you have a few bad practices? were you not feeling well?

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