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  1. Hello there! Have been ages when I last signed in Thank you! That was such a tragedy in our country.. Personally I didnt know anybody who was there at that time, tho. I guess no more Mika fans here lately, as no news about Mika has reached Latvia
  2. Happy Birthday Baiba :hug:



  3. Happy Birthday Baiba :huglove:



  4. Happy birthday :)

  5. Oh wow, I forgot I even sent you that message! :lol3: I'm well. School is starting next week, but in the meantime I'm working. Did you do anything special for New Years Eve?

  6. Hey:) I cannot believe how rarely I come here :tears: So busy all the time :huh:

    But otherwise Im fine! And you? ;)

  7. Hey Baiba, long time no talk! How are things going with you?

  8. Thank you! Have a nice day you 2 :huglove:

  9. It is, isn't it! Have a nice day! :bye:

  10. Oh, ok, thanks! :) English grammar is kinda confusing.. :naughty:

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